Looking to switch to another internet provider? Here’s the guide you need!


Residential internet service industry is booming in current times. You will always find new names entering the market with new services up to their sleeves. With that said, the internet package you’ve signed up for the past 5 years may not be the best anymore with so many affordable options around. To make sure you’re investing in the right place and squeezing the fastest speed possible out of your package, checking out other options can help.

You may notice how the final bill of your internet package increased dramatically after a while due to limited-time offers, but this is where checking out other ISPs helps significantly. Switching to a faster, cheaper, and reliable internet service provider is all you need to get fast and stable internet at a lower price tag! But how do you begin? How do you know which kind of internet will work for you? This is where listing down your internet needs becomes necessary.

List down your internet needs

How do you use the internet? Is the internet access restricted to yourself or your family as well? These questions help determine what kind of internet speed you need.

  • Online gaming: Online gaming requires a lot of power and speed depending on the graphics and specifications of a game. Typically, a speed of 3 Mbps is good enough for online gameplay. Greater speed means higher data transmission, thus smoother gameplay.
  • 4K HD streaming: To stream your favorite shows and movies in HD and 4K, respectively on digital streaming platforms like Netflix, you typically need up to 5 or 25 Mbps. Signing up for an internet package that delivers up to 50 Mbps of speed is good enough for the whole family to stream their favorites on multiple devices.

Spectrum Internet service is one of the most trusted internet service providers when it comes to HD and 4K streaming! The best part? It doesn’t cost an arm or a leg!

  • Internet browsing and social media: Whether you’re scrolling mindlessly through social media networks day and night or surfing the internet, a speed of up to 25 Mbps is more than enough to fulfill all your internet cravings, and can even you enough space to stream an episode of your favorite show or 2.

How many devices will be connecting?

Once you’ve understood how much speed your internet needs will suck up, you must also understand the impact of the number of devices connecting to the internet. If you’re living with your partner and up to two people are simultaneously connected to the internet, then that’s totally fine. The speeds listed above work for up to two devices in a small household.

However, if you’re living in a bigger household with 5-6 devices needing the internet for power-sucking activities like HD streaming and online gaming on multiple devices, then a speed of at least 200 Mbps can work.

Go through packages offered by multiple Internet service providers in your locality and match speed to your needs. Also, skim through the type of internet connection you’re signing up for.

What kind of internet connection will you need?

The type of connection you’re signing up for will also determine the speed delivered across your devices.

  • Cable: Cable internet is a popular internet connection type that delivers up to 1000 Mbps using cable wired. Cable internet download speeds are higher than upload speeds, allowing users to do basic browsing and streaming whenever they want.
  • Fiber optic: The fastest internet connection available that transmits up to 1000 Mbps of speed using light signals. With excellent download and upload speeds, every internet activity is a smooth one with this internet connection
  • DSL: DSL users receive up to 100 Mbps of speed through phone lines but it’s most popular among rural areas.
  • Satellite: Available everywhere, satellite internet services can deliver up to 30 Mbps, but it doesn’t come cheap.

Final advice

Once you figure out all your needs, compare providers in your area, prices, plans, and perks. By having a certain vision in mind, it’s easier to invest in a better plan, that suits your internet needs better.

Always ask for budget-friendly plans and discounts for new customers. Don’t get overwhelmed with the number of providers on your list. Price, package, and perks will help narrow down your entire list.


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