Navigating the Project Management Tools Landscape

Project Management

Project Management may range from simple to complex and determining which project management software to pick may be the difference between success and failure. Teams can view their projects and collaborate with each other on multiple tasks using a variety of tools available. Some of these tools may be available for all members whereas others may be locked for some few members. Overall, project management requires a variety of skills and expertise when done manually, but with the help of project management tools, it is easy and doesn’t require much. This article provides an overview on project management software and the factors to consider before selecting one.

Features of a Project Management Software

Most project management software have the same features which allows for a project to be planned, budgeted and completed as intended. To do this, the software must be able to communicate using a communication tool that allows members to share ideas and content in an easy platform. Lately, as a result of shutdown and work from home directives, project management software have had to link with third party communication tools such as Skype, Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

Other features, crucial in project management software are:

  • Gantt Chart-Gantt charts allow members to plan and coordinate tasks by examining the duration and importance of project tasks. The bar chart provides a visual representation of the tasks based on which ones are ongoing, incomplete and complete.
  • Task management tool- This tool allows team members to shift tasks from one folder to the next depending on whether the task has been completed or not.
  • Work load assessment tool- This tool assesses the individual workload that each member has and weigh it against the overall workload left. This creates workload demand that can be visualized as work done against work pending.

Other crucial tools are document control, project dashboard and many others that assist project managers and project members to monitor the progress of tasks within the overall framework of the entire project.

Choosing The Right Project Management Software: Enterprise

The nature of the tasks should determine whether to choose between team based project-management tools or enterprise based ones. Enterprise Project Management (EPM) is universal tool which users can customize to fit into their particular project. They differ from project management software which are designed for a particular project and retain limited flexibility for users.

Overall, before settling on particular project management software, you should first determine whether these software will offer anything extra to the management tools that may already be in your possession. Certain features may already be active in your normal work schedule and their addition within project management software may simply not add any further utility. Secondly, you should establish whether you have the necessary technical expertise to properly use the software or tools. Project management software may be quite technical in some instances and depending on them entirely may not always work in your favor.