Pros And Cons Of Using Mozilla Firefox On Android

Web browsing has become a common phenomenon in the 21st Century. Web browsing, which is about surfing the Internet or accessing the Internet, is a common feature of today’s society. Previously the privilege was not for everyone, only those who could afford a desktop and laptop were able to browse the web. But with the advent of Smartphones, web browsing is now accessible to virtually everyone.

As long as you have a smartphone you can browse and access the Internet. So, we can say that smartphones bridged the gap. Now for you to browse the Internet or web with your smartphone, you must have a default web browser app on your phone. There are different web browsers that you can use to browse the Internet on your phone, some of them include Google Chrome, Opera Mini, Microsoft, Safari, Internet Explorer, Brave browser, and the list goes on. For the context of our discussion, we will focus solely on Mozilla Firefox as the default browser on your smartphone for surfing and browsing the Internet or web.

Mozilla Firefox is an open-source web browser that you can use to browse the Internet. Mozilla Firefox is arguably the most popular web browser available today especially among Android smartphone users.

People actually prefer browsing the web with it, as it is more secure than other web browsers available. And it also suits Android phones users, but because of the prevalence of cyber crimes and Internet hacking it becomes pertinent to be more protected while surfing the Internet and one way to do so is by installing a VPN on your Android smartphone. One of the best VPNs to install on your Android smart smartphone is actually Firefox VPN as it keeps you secure and protected as you browse the Internet. Using a Mozilla Firefox web browser as the default web browser for your Android smartphone is actually nice. It is also pertinent to weigh the pros and cons of it. So we will be discussing the pros and cons of using Mozilla Firefox as your default web browser.

The pros of using Mozilla Firefox as the default web browser for your Android smartphone includes the following:

  • SECURITY: Mozilla Firefox is one the most secure web browsers available. With privacy and security being one of its major objectives, you are rest assured that you can surf the Internet securely with its browser. For extra security you can also use Firefox VPN. Mozilla Firefox also guarantees the privacy of its users by blocking online trackers and invasive ads. All these are in its default setting. In this era of cyber crimes, Internet hacking, and data theft you need a very secure web browser that would limit your exposure to these web hazards. And that’s where Mozilla Firefox comes in. So, security is actually one of the pros or advantages of making Mozilla Firefox your default Android web browser.
  • LESS MEMORY USAGE: Mozilla Firefox uses less memory when compared to other available web browsers, which is why it is more acceptable to people. With Mozilla Firefox as your default Android web browser, you won’t experience hanging and freezing issues on your phone when using it to browse the Internet. This is because it is less memory intensive. The developers of this web browser did a major upgrade in 2017 that reduced its memory consumption.
  • CUSTOMIZATION: Mozilla Firefox gives you more customization options when compared to other web browsers. With Mozilla Firefox as your default Android web browser, you will have the options of changing and customizing your toolbars, changing your themes, background colors and much more. So, if you are an individual that loves customization, then Mozilla fire is definitely the web browser for you.
  • IMPROVED SPEED: recently, Mozilla Firefox is being known for its fast web browsing and download. This new development has been applauded by individuals who are looking for a faster web browser.

Drawbacks which Mozilla Firefox has, despite all these achievements:

  • CONTINUITY: One of the major drawbacks of Mozilla Firefox is its lack of continuity when using it for download especially if the download was interrupted. So, what it means is that you will have to start all over again, which can be annoying and stressful. This major issue scares Android smartphone users away from using the Mozilla Firefox as their default web browser.
  • LONGEVITY: Even though Mozilla Firefox is one the popular open-source web browsers, newer open-source web browsers are being developed. This affects its market share, coupled with the fact that Google Chrome is gradually starting to control major market shares. So, there is a prediction that Mozilla Firefox might start to lose its market share if it doesn’t step up.

So, with all these being said, you can decide if you want to make Mozilla Firefox your default Android web browser.