What are the 5 advantages of car GPS tracker for your vehicle?

GPS tracker

Driving is an important skill to have, and driving properly is even important. Unfortunately, due to rash driving, many road rage and accidents occur daily throughout the country. Every driver on the road tries to outrank the other sometimes; it feels like a car race is going on, putting people’s lives in danger. Yesterday I witnessed a road rage where a collision of car and bike happened, and both were shouting at each other, knowing they were both at fault. These kind of incidents are enough to scare the parents of teenagers who loves to go on a long ride. However, a vehicle tracking system can help parents in monitoring their car.

I have seen some parents giving their car key to their teenage son or daughter for driving which isn’t bad, every child has rights on their parent’s vehicle, but some teenagers think that rash driving is making them which isn’t true, it puts their life in danger. That’s why today, we will get to know about the benefits of a car GPS tracker and how it can help the parents to monitor their teenage child’s location and whether the speed of the vehicle is normal or not.

In the above paragraphs, we have discussed GPS tracking device; now, we will discuss a startup named Onelap Telematics which came to the market in 2016. Onelap has been a best-selling online GPS tracking service provider for the past three years, and it has more than 50,000 customers across the country. Other than India, it has a presence in Qatar, South Sudan and Zimbabwe as well. Last month, Onelap Telematics co-founder Shubham Choudhary said, ” We are already a reputed name in Telematics industry in India but we want to expand sooner rather than later, by this year-end Onelap will expand its footprints across the globe.”

Advantages of GPS tracker 

Here are the five benefits of a GPS tracker for car:

  1. Theft Alert:

Suppose your son has gone to a party with friends and taken your car. He has parked the car in the parking, and now he’s partying with friends inside the house with loud music, and everyone is dancing. In this atmosphere, hardly anyone would be able to pay any attention to the car, and the thief can easily steal your vehicle. However, if you have a car GPS installed, you will get an instant anti-theft alarm on your mobile app if trying to steal your vehicle.

  1. Over-Speed Alert:

I have already written above the road rage and accidents and which takes place every single day. Unfortunately, due to road accidents, some parents hesitate to give car key to their adult child. A car tracker can help parents in monitoring their vehicle speed with the help of an over-speed alert. You can mark a speed limit through this function, and if someone exceeds that limit, you will be notified instantly.

  1. Affordable:

Question of affordability is always important whether you’re buying a vehicle or a gadget to protect; affordability matters. So, let me tell you Onelap GPS tracker is a low-cost solution any bike or car owner can afford. Its price starts from INR 3,000, which is a minimal price to pay for your vehicle’s security compared to its price in the market and losing it in theft.

  1. Mark a Particular Area:

There is a feature called Geofencing through which you can create a safe zone around your home, school or any other place. Then, in case if your car cross that marked area, you will get a safe-zone alert on mobile. So, for example, if you have marked a 100-metre geofencing around your office parking, you will be notified if your vehicle enters or exits the safe zone.

  1. Past Data Storage:

Through this function, you can check your vehicle’s data of the past days, like where it went, which route was take, distance travelled, and time is taken during the journey. Onelap Telematics provides you with past data storage of up to 90 days which is a decent amount of time. So suppose you doubt your driver of time idling and lying about the locations of a particular day one month back, with the help of GPS for car you can check the data of that day and clear your doubt.


We almost daily read about the accidents on the road due to vehicles collision or poor road. As far as road development is concerned, it’s not in people’s hand, but what we can control is the vehicle’s speed and the desire to overdrive the other, which ultimately leads to accidents. With the help of a GPS device, you can check your vehicle’s speed and ask the driver to slow it down. Hence, a GPS vehicle tracking system is a must-buy gadget for your vehicle.


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