The power of Cloud for Fleet Management Software


In this digital age, e-commerce has transformed the way customers make purchases. Retailers, manufacturers and logistics providers constantly need to find better, optimized and cost-effective processes for their delivery fulfilment operations. However, it is not an easy task for an international logistics service provider to manage a fleet of vehicles located at multiple locations. The challenges become even more daunting when the fleet is larger and of a diverse type. In any case, whatever the size of a fleet may be, it is important for modern fleet operators to use an advanced fleet management software to manage their operations.

A modern fleet management software comes integrated with various advanced tech tools such as AI, Machine Learning, Data Analytics and IoT sensors to provide a holistic visibility of their operations to the logistics service providers. The system can offer greater efficiency, safety and quality of operations. Let’s take a look at some of the major benefits that an advanced cloud-based fleet management software provides to the users:

Single window fleet management: A modern fleet management software offers great ease through its ability to induct, manage, track as well as maintain all the files located at different locations through a single dashboard.

Real-time visibility: Situations in logistics operations change within a matter of hours, and you just can’t afford to wait for status updates on the vehicular movement. Therefore, the real-time visibility offered by a modern fleet management software is invaluable. These systems provide vehicle tracking through GPS integration.

Flexibility and mobility: A world-class cloud-based fleet management software doesn’t suffer from the limitations of deployment that a legacy software has to face. You can easily login from anywhere, anytime and there will also be an integrated mobile app that can further simplify the operations.

Integrations: Different businesses and fleet types require specific customizations. That’s why your fleet management software has to be diverse and offer ease of integration with various other complementary modules such as the transportation management software. The integration with transportation management software allows various businesses such as freight forwarders, third party logistics companies, courier express and parcel companies an incredible ease of operations.

Superior resource allocation:  AI and analytics driven fleet management software can make fleet allocation recommendations which are based on the maintenance schedules for different vehicles and also ensure cargo compatibility by optimized trip-vehicle making. Thus, it is able to ensure that your fleet usage is maximized and greater revenue is generated.

Efficient fleet retirement: A lot of potential revenue is often lost due to inefficient fleet retirement. However, a market-leading fleet management software would offer fleet retirement recommendations based on a number of parameters including usage history, the current condition of the vehicle and so on. Thus, you are able to create a more optimized fleet retirement strategy.

These benefits of a world-class fleet management software are just a brief overview of what it can actually do for you! Get the power of cloud, AI and analytics for your logistics business and grow like never before!


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