Complete Guide for Customized Education App Development

Education App Development

Early in 2020, the COVID-19 epidemic has taken a serious toll. The entire world was confined. During that time, there was a sudden increase in education and educational enterprise app development demand with the expanding tendency towards learning from your comfort zone.

The outbreak has normalized the online learning culture, contributing to the demand for e-learning apps from app development firms.

In order to provide online education, schools, universities, and institutes have embraced technology. In addition, education apps are developed, remote academic management is implemented, online sessions are provided, and digital examinations are administered electronically. At a CAGR of 14.5%, the EdTech market is expected to grow from $74.2 billion in 2021 to $288.4 billion in 2031.

As the competition for mobile tech for education booms, the need for educational apps stands out. It is necessary to have a top-notch education app development process that provides all essential features. Providing a solid foundation for your educational app, OrangeMantra can help transform your business’s future digitally.

The purpose of this blog is to showcase all the different components that will improve educational apps.

developing an educational app

When developing an educational app, keep these features in mind:

Choose from a wide range of classic and cutting-edge features for educational mobile enterprise app development. There are various aspects that are important for administrators, teachers, and students in educational institutions.

It is best to take into account some of the necessary elements that will help you succeed if you’re seeking for advice on how to create an educational app.

Student Sign-up

When developing an educational app, it is essential that students have the option to sign up using their social media accounts. Likewise, it will assist you in building student profiles for the app, giving teachers a quick look and contact information.

Push Notification

An e-learning app should include push notifications.. In this way, the teachers will know about their upcoming lectures, and the students will receive notifications regarding examinations, results, assessments, and result notifications.

Tracking Progress

Developing a learning app can be fruitful in clearing doubts between the student and the teacher. Through an education app development process, students can keep track of their attendance and progress throughout the school year. A teacher can use this process to analyze a student’s performance and provide appropriate solutions.

Offline Learning

Making an educational app will help to establish a learning environment that will break down barriers that obstruct education. Therefore, you can also provide an offline learning mode in the education app. This is a convenient option for students who do not have access to the internet or encounter network problems.

Social Media

Utilize social media including Facebook postings, Twitter links, Instagram links, etc., if you’re willing to take your app on the success path. This will allow students and teachers to connect on social media and to exchange critical information.

Course Management

If you are looking for a top-notch education app development team, make sure it has a course management feature. It includes dashboards for teachers that track students’ work, provide feedback on assignments and let them easily update their grades.

Furthermore, it can also add content including images, PDFs, videos, and other graphics.


Make sure to incorporate the testing procedure when creating the app for students. Always have a team ready to test the functionalities for the testing process. Alternately, pick a team like OrangeMantra where we have appropriate knowledge and can assist you with the testing procedure.

How OrangeMantra can help create top-notch apps

Creating an app for educational purposes can enhance the knowledge and keep the citizens well-aware. At OrangeMantra, we have developers from the same industry for your needs. They know well to create an educational app that will be filled with effective features.

Join the wave of educational app creation with a reputable company. We provide the flexibility of technology to fuel the expansion of educational mobile apps.

Mentioned below are the technologies that we use for the enterprise app development process.


Using this framework, we build web, mobile and enterprise software apps. Java allows us to create futuristic enterprise-based mobile apps.


It’s suitable with java virtual machine and JavaScript that offers a range of support java communication, speed, code and quality.

Swift UI

It is a fresh framework for developing iOS apps for mobile devices, macOS, and tvOS. It provides a quick way to create the app’s user interface, buttons, selectors, lists, stacks, and other elements.

React Native

It is a framework for creating JavaScript-based mobile apps, also referred to as RN. The same codebase may be used to create natively rendered applications for both iOS and Android.


We create apps with Flutter that work flawlessly on Android, iOS, and the web. It is an open-source framework that makes use of a single Dart-written code base.


In addition to dynamic typing and binding, Objective-C also has language-level support for object graph management and is regarded as a super set of the C programming language.

Conclusion: The future of learning is undoubtedly mobile learning apps. If you wish to develop an educational app, you must use the right technology and resources.

OrangeMantra, one of the top mobile enterprise app development companies, can help you succeed with your educational mobile app. We utilize the most advanced technologies so that you get the most desired application for your services.