Top Reasons Why WordPress is Exclusively Made for Startups

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Summary: The write-up introduces various advantages that WordPress offers for Startup businesses in building their websites. WordPress is the most widely used web development platform across the globe offering high-level security and scalability for business websites. The ease to implement it and the abundance of themes and plugins make it the perfect software to get started with feature-rich and professional web development. You will find much-required information on some exceptional benefits that come along with WordPress development. Additionally, cost-effectiveness in web development remains a critical aspect for startup businesses and WordPress turns out to be the best possible solution in this regard. So, you can easily start your project without much technical know-hows of web development and launch a professional website right away with WordPress.

The Evergreen Benefits of WordPress for Start-up Businesses

WordPress is a comprehensive platform for web development. It is also one of the most popular choices for that purpose, owing to its ease of use and flexibility. There are myriad benefits of WordPress development but the kind of development support it offers makes it an exceptional platform for startups. 

Considering the kind of competition in the online world, you need to create a professional website from scratch that can best depict your business’ ideology and objectives. This is especially important for startups because you need to build a footing for your business. WordPress offers a wide range of themes and plugins to get your business website desired functionalities and visual appeal. Cost-effectiveness is again a factor that makes it the most popular and widely used platform for web development. 

This post highlights some all-time benefits of WordPress development for startups and how you can make the most out of your business websites for growth and expansion.

Most Successful Startups Using WordPress

WordPress is preferred by most startup businesses and there are multiple reasons behind this. No matter what kind of product you sell or the service you offer, WordPress allows complete control over the web development process. Here is a list of top-performing startups that are currently using WordPress sites.

  • SkyHigh Networks
  • Dilenea
  • Qualtrics
  • Cyber Dust
  • Zenefits
  • Anaplan
  • Huddle
  • Instacart
  • Casper
  • Nutanix

Long-term Benefits of WordPress Development

If you have made a decision to get your business website developed with WordPress, you are certainly stepping toward augmenting your brand. Let’s glance at some evergreen benefits that WordPress offers to startups to easily scale up their growing requirements with ease and flexibility.

Exceptional Support for eCommerce

If you are planning to launch your eCommerce website, nothing can work better than a WordPress-powered eCommerce site. Integrating your eCommerce site with WooCommerce gives you an edge over your competitors. This open-source and free-to-use platform is the most cost-effective solution for full-fledged and feature-rich eCommerce development. You get an extensive range of plugins and enticing themes to personalize your online store according to your target audience. Besides this, WordPress also offers high-level security for seamless payment integration along with hosting services that keep your eCommerce data safe from intruders.

Scalability Blended with Flexibility

You expect your startup to go beyond its initial functionalities and extend its processes for further expansion. Scalability plays a vital role here. WordPress offers over 55000 free plugins to extend the functionalities of your business website and reach out to a wider audience as and when required. You can easily add anything to your website, from a store to media galleries and from analytics to event calendars, newsletter signups, email lists, social sharing, and many more.  Hence, WordPress offers high-level scalability. The only thing is you just need to provide the right infrastructure, resources, and services to make the most out of its scalability.

Support by a Worldwide Community

When your business starts yielding desired results, you may need to tweak several changes regarding the functionalities, programming, or any other technical changes in your website. If you don’t have a support and maintenance service, you may face a lot of trouble implementing these changes. The WordPress community comes in quite handy here. You can seek direct guidance from world-class professional WordPress developers who are a part of the WordPress community and are always happy to help. However, you can create your own WordPress community, but that will be a much more time-consuming option. With the WordPress community, you can get highly inspired by the way other companies implement some innovative changes to their business websites.

Amazing Tools to Strategize Marketing

WordPress offers some incredible tools to plan your marketing campaigns and get desired exposure for your business website. WordPress sites are always preferred by Google for indexing as its search algorithms are best compatible with WordPress SEO plugins like Yoast and many others. Additionally, tools like SendinBlue, HubSpot All-in-one marketing, Revive Old Post, Elementor, and many others give you complete freedom and command over content marketing, SEO practices, social media marketing, and affiliate marketing. These tools offer innovative ways to market your digital products and services among the masses and tempt them to visit your site.

Keep Complimenting with the Latest Trends

Technologies are evolving at an unprecedented rate, and so are consumers’ tastes and behaviors. You need to match changing industry trends with fluctuating customer expectations. WordPress facilitates easy maintenance and user-friendly options to modify your website’s themes, features, payment solutions, or any kind of change that keeps your business in the race.

Its maintenance mode page automatically shows all the latest changes and modifications to visitors that you have recently made. It facilitates easy maintenance, and you can create backups for your site conveniently. Moreover, the huge community ensures that WordPress themes and plugins adhere to the latest tech trends along with upgraded features in each version release.

Cost-effectiveness & Reduced Development Time

Startups often prefer affordability when it comes to developing a business website, and therefore, choosing WordPress saves them both time and money. WordPress is supported, built, and regularly updated by a huge pool of professional and deft developers, and it is never sold as software. It is a free-to-use web development platform, but if you want to leverage the fullest capabilities, you need to go for a paid plan. For instance, you can easily build a basic business website with WordPress, but if you need a full-fledged eCommerce site, you have to pay for its eCommerce plan. Additionally, it supports rapid development with its straightforward approach to web development. You can plan your website’s launch accordingly and strategize your marketing campaigns

No Lock-in with WordPress

Usually, startups are often reluctant to spend on web development software due to various uncertainties. Moreover, there are certain restrictions with the software service provider regarding the upgrades and migration process. Thankfully, this is not the case with WordPress. You own your data and can easily migrate to any other technology as and when required keeping all your data intact. The best part is, if you face any trouble in migrating or upgrading, there’s always comprehensive support available from WordPress’ huge community.

Seamless Expansion with Plugins

Every business has its unique requirements, and that is why WordPress offers a range of plugins to meet them all. WordPress is a common platform for all basic-level websites, but you can choose among myriads of plugins to extend their functionalities as they grow. You can even choose to hire a Plugin development service to customize these plugins according to your growing business requirements and distinct needs. You will find both free and paid plugins with WordPress. Make sure you choose them wisely and avoid using too many plugins. This may negatively impact your site’s loading speed or may also open doors for security vulnerabilities. Just keep updating your plugins regularly to gain optimum performance.

A Step Toward Future-proof Technology

Choosing WordPress for website development will keep offering multiple benefits in the coming time too. No matter how drastically the technologies may change, WordPress will keep matching with them to allow maximum user-friendliness and flexibility in its usage across the globe. WordPress websites are becoming much easier to build, and this will continue in the coming time too. The way it is heading toward automation, there may be a time when you just need to select a theme by answering a series of questions and WordPress will automatically build a website according to your preferences and inputs.

Therefore, considering everything (its current status and future possibilities), WordPress is a choice that a startup can invest in without worrying about much.

Author Bio: Nathan Smith is an experienced web and app developer, currently working with TechnoScore- a leading WordPress development services provider. As a technology enthusiast, he is passionate about sharing his web and application development knowledge through his articles. Nathan keeps himself up-to-date with all the latest trends, innovations, and disruptions happening in and around the IT industry. He is also keen on sharing his ideas and understanding of the innovations in the IT domain with individuals and entrepreneurs interested in the trade.