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Most companies have their sites designed for desktops and do everything possible to make them functional. However, to thrive in the competitive business arena, you must adapt to changing technological trends. A great way of doing this is by optimizing your site for mobile. Otherwise, you’ll have to work extra hard to get your website noticed!

Should I optimize my website for mobile? Of, course yes! And there are various reasons to do it.

 What are the steps to mobile site optimization?

Nowadays, most people own smartphones, and mobile communication form an integral part of modern communication. Most mobile users now use their smartphones to search for products and services and make buying decisions online. To command a stronger online presence, hire professional search engine optimization services and optimize your business website for mobile. Here’s how to do it;

  • Design a mobile-friendly site

Develop a site that affords a pleasant user experience to mobile users. This is because viewing a desktop version of your sit on mobile can be frustrating and will put off users. Optimizing your site for mobile involves avoiding large images, Flash and any other element that’s hard to view on a mobile device.

  • Apply the basic SEO rules

Most of the optimization practices for desktops apply to mobile site optimization. These may include posting relevant content, Jimmy Huh SEO using the right keywords and backlinking. For mobile optimization, remember shorter keywords work best, and users mostly rely on predictive search.

  • Use single URL

Most companies create a different URL for mobile sites, but this isn’t necessary. This will make optimizing your site for mobile difficult. Therefore, use rel=canonical to direct mobile users to the mobile version of your site when visiting your site from a mobile device.

Why optimize my site for mobile?

  1. Improved content readability

Even after zooming a page on mobile, reading the content from a standard website can be a real challenge. This then discourages most mobile users from reading such content. However, this becomes easier with a mobile-optimized site. It makes the text bigger and easily readable.

  1. 2Grater engagement and deader retention

Accessing a typical website from a mobile device can be tough. This means slow load times translating to impatient clients who may never come back to your site. However, a mobile-friendly site loads faster and features a simplified design that enhances the user experience.

  1. Improved brand visibility

Mobile phones have a smaller screen than desktop computers. This makes it difficult to view. This makes content navigation challenging, and your brand identity gets lost in the process. However, with a mobile-optimized site, your logo, message and visuals pop more, making clients remember your brand.

  1. Noticeable call to action

A good business website should have a clear call to action. This may not be clear on mobile phone screens if you don’t optimize your site for mobile. However, by optimizing your site, you make it easy to access, which helps boost sales.

Final thoughts

With a mobile-optimized site, you get more traffic and improve your brand visibility. You’re also likely to get more conversions and profits by engaging viewers more. If running an online business, ensure that your site is optimized for mobile and reap the benefits.


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