How to Convert MOV to MP3

Convert MOV to MP3

MP3 is a universally recognized audio compression format developed by the Moving Pictures Expert group. It is this popular that certain audio players are even called MP3 players. It follows up on the elementary compression standards in MPEG – 1 and MPEG – 2. It was started in the year 1993.

The MP3 files support the pirates between 8 to 320 kbps. The 128 and 320 kbps files are most common in nature. Because of the lossy compression, it generally loses the audio files’ original size up to 75 to 90 percent. The format was earlier named ‘bit’, renamed MP3′ after the 5.

It is openly and universally known for storing and compressing audio files. The files’ original size gets reduced to make it fit to store and compress audio files. As the MP3 is a universally famous format, one can open it using any leading media or audio player, including the Mac’s iTunes and Windows Media Player.

What is the MOV video format?

MOV Video Format is being developed by Apple, which is a patented video format that has mov or. Qt extensions. It generally contains audio, video, and textual content. It is also known as the Quick Time File format because it was specially developed for the quick time frame. At first, the format was only supported by the QuickTime on Mac, but gradually it became famous on other platforms too.

The format of the mov is quite similar to that of mp4. The container can have lossy as well as lossless data compression. The mov’s format is developed to format the videos with subtitles. It is used in gaming application video files as well. The lossy compression can greatly change the original size of the videos to a great extent. Windows users can play MOV files in a windows media player or a VLC player.

MP3 vs. MOV format

The significant difference between the MP3 and mov is that MP3 supports audio format whereas the mov supports all the formats like video, audio, and text; this can be considered a major difference between the MP3 and mov. Coming to the next point, let’s discuss the point of compression.

The MP3 format is lossless, whereas the mov format supports Lossy and lossless compression. We can only open the MP3 format files, and the mov format files cannot be opened. The next point of difference is the acceptance of both formats. The MP3 Formal is universal, but the mov format is limited. Returning to the last and the most important point for the difference between MP3 and mov is its applications MP3 is used for compression, storing, and transferring of audio files.

The mov format is used for playing videos with subtitles or compressing the videos. These are some major differences between the MP3 and the MOV format.

3 Ways to convert MOV to MP3 format

Let’s discuss some of the ways through which we can convert a MOV file to MP3 format. MP3 is an audio format that does not contain any video information. There are many online platforms and apps that you can download to convert the MOV files to the MP3 format. We first need to understand a converter’s basic functionality, just like the file size and options you have to utilize. Lots of these platforms are freely available and do not charge you anything. Let’s see the MOV to MP3 converters that will allow you the conversion.

  • Online Video Converter
  • Convertio
  • VLC

Online Video Convertor

This is a free available soft which is all-in-one compression and conversion. This is operated online and is also freely available for files under 100 MB. The subscription of this starts from 9.95$ per month. This is designed by Movavi primarily as a web service. This allows you to transfer your MOV file from your computer, drop box, or Google drive. But before changing the settings, fix the quality of the MP3 output which you wanted.

After this, you can directly click on convert to get the output as an MP3 file. This supports 25 video formats and 20 audio formats. A drag and drop interface is available, which makes it very simple. Although, larger size files need to have a subscription. Let’s see the steps to convert the file.

  1. Click on Add your Media to upload the file which is to be converted
  2. Select the MP3 option from the convert to drop-down list.
  3. Click on the convert button to convert the file, and you can download your final product.


Convertio is also used for conversion. It’s dedicated software for file conversion. It is available online. It has 25 free conversions per day, which is quite a good number as we don’t have many files format to convert. This is one of the best online file format converters. This can efficiently change mov to MP3 and adjust the bitrate, and can download your perfect audio format very quickly. Convertio supports almost 25600 conversions through 300 file formats. let’s go across the steps to have this conversion

  1. First, we need to choose files or need to drop the file up to the size of 100MB to the Convertio platform.
  2. Select the format MOV to MP3 for the file format.
  3. If any changes in the settings are required, then you should make them.
  4. Click the convert, and the file will be converted into the MP3 format, and you can easily download it.


This is a very famous format used for playing and converting videos. The operating system compatible with it is Windows, Mac, and Linux. This is free software that allows you a great experience. This software acts as a free, open-source, cross-platform multimedia player. This free platform allows you to play almost every type of video format. It is also free for the conversion of the MOV to MP3.

The most important about this player is that you can change your interface to custom skins while working and converting MOV files to MP3 format. It supports all the features for video, like subtitle synchronization and video and audio filters. The steps for the conversion are-

  1. Click on Media and then add where you can browse for your video file
  2. Click on Convert or save
  3. Under the Settings option, in Profile, choose the Audio option – MP3
  4. Enter Browse and select a place to save your file, and also make sure that it has an extension ending in .mp3
  5. Then Click Start to complete the use of the MOV-to-MP3 converter.


This article explores various steps for converting the MOV file format to the MP3 file format. This includes various online as well as offline platforms for this conversion. You can also download these MP3 files very easily onto your device. This platform also gives different options for the settings, and you can edit these settings according to your needs.