A Guide to 3D Product Configurators and How They Work: Everything You Need to Know

3D Product Configurator

In the world of digital eCommerce website design, it is imperative that you do everything you can to stand out from your competition. Aside from standing out against your competitors, it is also beneficial to provide your customers and online visitors with a unique and worthwhile shopping experience. With many of us utilizing the internet to make most of our purchases, it is no surprise that having an advanced website with customizable features greatly assists online retailers across the globe.

One of the best ways to improve the user experience is with 3D product configurators, which are popular among well-known brands such as Nike, Ikea, Tesla, and more. To learn more, this guide will provide you with quick answers along with what you need to know about them and how they work.

What is a 3D Product Configurator?

A 3D product configurator allows customers and visitors to your website to customize your online products in real-time by using photorealistic 3D design.

Which Industry Uses a 3D Product Configurator the Most?

The furniture industry tends to take advantage of 3D product configuration the most, with fashion and sportswear following closely next in line. They allow customers to customize options such as colors, patterns, sizes, and more.

How Does a 3D Product Configurator Work?

A 3D product configurator works by using 3D modeling and rendering to create realistic products and their desired outcomes, which customers can customize online. This is attractive to most online users because they can get a feel for what they are purchasing before they buy it, leading to lower chances of buyer’s remorse or item returns.

Why Would My eCommerce Website Benefit From a 3D Product Configurator?

There are truly a number of reasons why your eCommerce website would benefit from having a 3D product configurator.

The first and possibly most important reason is that you will attract and retain customers online. When you have online customers who enjoy visiting your eCommerce website, you will benefit greatly from their page visits, time spent on your page, and, ultimately, their decision to purchase a product on your website.

Because an item on your page can be easily customized using a 3D product configurator on your website, visitors will spend more time there. As most of us know, happy visitors lead to more sales. If your goal is to convert more sales, then make sure to take advantage of a 3D product configurator.

A 3D product configurator is, in many ways, a dream for most digital marketers, eCommerce web page owners, website designers, and numerous other roles. With the help of a 3D product configurator, you will increase the engagement that a customer experiences on your website.

It is a marketing fundamental to prioritize customer engagement because it increases loyalty to your brand. The chances of you having customers who praise your website and its products by word of mouth and social media shares will also grow, leading you to more online visitors with increased opportunities for the conversions you seek.

As you can see, a 3D product configurator is an excellent way to improve your eCommerce website and the customer experience. With careful consideration of the products you sell online, using 3D configuration to boost conversions and customer satisfaction is a good and probable idea.


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