Should You Get a VPN, Too? The Sudden Increase in VPN Use in 2022 Pandemic:

With the Corona pandemic expected to last until 2022, many activities have shifted to the internet. Whether working from home, learning from home, or buying from home, the usage of the internet has expanded significantly as a result of the curfews and distance rules.

However, the internet isn’t without dangers, with many users falling prey to identity theft, businesses being hacked, and even individuals seeking anonymity from their own governments.

Statistics for VPNs in 2022

The VPN industry exploded in 2022 due to a mix of internet dependence and security concerns.

According to estimates, roughly 29% of users use a VPN for personal usage while surfing the internet, 24% use a VPN for business-related activities, and 15% of users use a VPN for both. According to estimates, just 34% of people do not utilize any kind of VPN security.

In terms of how the VPN industry has developed, it was valued at roughly $35 billion in 2022, and it is expected to double to quadruple in value over the following five years. This demonstrates how popular VPNs are becoming.

VPNs in the Workplace

When it comes to enterprises, a privacyinthenetwork VPN may be used to selectively enable persons with a certain IP address to log in (Dedicated IP VPN). A dedicated IP is a static IP address that will not change and can be used as a log-in condition.

VPN Use by Individuals

Individually, with the rising usage of VPNs, many customers have discovered a plethora of helpful features that are well worth the price and, in some cases, even save money.

There are several reasons why consumers might want to utilize a VPN. They are as follows:

Connecting to the internet privately, establishing encrypted tunnels with specific contacts, and protecting your safety and security.
By changing the IP address and, by extension, the location, geo-restricted content such as Netflix US and UK libraries may be unblocked.
Lowering rates on digital items, flights, and hotel reservations by disguising your IP address.
Unblocking websites that aren’t allowed in your country and circumventing geo-censorship.
The list might go on forever.

Selecting the Best VPN

Finally, we’ll look at what distinguishes one privacyonline VPN from another. Unfortunately, this isn’t a straightforward issue to answer, and the answer is mostly dependent on your requirements.

For more information about VPNs, check out our full evaluations and exhaustive analyses.


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