Things to consider while choosing the best gaming keyboard

We all know the feeling of spending hours on end struggling to find that perfect gaming keyboard. I mean, sure there are plenty of keyboards out there that will get you by, but what if we told you about a little something called customization? What if we told you about how many different types and styles exist for these pieces of equipment?

Well, we’re going to tell you! Spend some time with us and learn more about this fascinating topic. You’ll be glad you did!

Things to consider

What’s your budget for a keyboard?

It’s not an easy job to pick the best from a large collection of gaming keyboards. Choosing the right Keyboard depends on the budget and quality you expect from a keyboard. What is your maximum budget? You can find a lot of options available in that price range. If you have a low budget, then there are still some good options for you.

Keyboards available in a price range of $50 to 200$ are the best because you can find RGB keyboards at this range. RGB is a handy feature for gaming, and it gives an excellent look to your gaming setup.

I have seen many gamers who want RGB but don’t have enough money for it ,at that time I think it’s not bad to buy a keyboard without RGB because at least you can get good features like Cherry MX switches, finally it all depends on your choices.

These are the best keyboards under 50 dollars:

  1. Redragon K552 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  2. Razer Cynosa Chroma Gaming Keyboard
  3. NPET K10 Gaming Keyboard
  4. Logitech K350 Wireless Wave Ergonomic Keyboard
  5. Redragon K630 Dragonborn

How many keys do you need?

If you want a good keyboard with less budget, then it’s obvious that you have to choose ten keyless keyboards. Tenkeyless keyboards cost half that of full-size boards, and quality is the same as full-size models. There are also some products without Numpad, and they are cheaper than other options. If we talk about mechanical keyboards, then you can’t get good quality without full size.

Suppose you are looking for the best Keyboard under 50 dollars with ten. In that case, key, you should go for standard layout keyboards(with Numpad on the right side) because nowadays, manufacturers are producing gaming boards with minor arrow keys instead of 10key. This is done to save some space, and I must say that they have done a good job.

If you like keyboards that don’t have Numpad, I recommend you buy TKL (tenkeyless) models because manufacturers are producing tenkeyless boards for gamers. Many companies like Corsair, Redragon and Cooler Master produce a Keyboard with minor arrow keys instead of 10key.

I always recommend people to buy TKL keyboards because there is no use of 10key for gaming and you will get an awesome keyboard with less price, so why not?

What do you need from your Keyboard?

There are different types of keyboards available depending on your need, like wireless, mechanical etc. I would suggest you to buy a wireless keyboard if you are going to use it on your lap while sitting in couch.

Wireless keyboards are suitable for gaming, only when the battery of the Keyboard is high enough or else it’s not a wise idea to play with a wired keyboard because snagging and tension can disconnect your Keyboard during the match which will affect game’s performance.

Mechanical keyboards are the best for gaming and typing because they give you a premium feel and some of them have RGB backlighting which affects your setup’s look, but if we talk about price then there is no comparison between two. Mechanical keyboards cost 4 to 5 times more than standard keyboards, so it’s up to you whether you want to pay that much money for the premium experience.

Snaking Cables ruin your setup’s appearance

Nowadays rubber cable are used in keyboards because they are durable and don’t break easily, but if you have a big computer desk then it becomes really hard for you to get rid of cables ,it doesn’t look good at all, trust me. If you have a proper cable management system then it doesn’t look bad but if everything is messed up beneath the table then it’s not a good sight.

When I was buying my Keyboard, I also faced this problem, and after much thinking, I decided to buy a wireless keyboard because after searching a lot, I found that it’s the only Keyboard that has no snaking cables. I am not saying that wireless keyboards look bad, but you can’t get premium experience in wireless keyboards unlike mechanical ones.

There is no need of wires in wireless keyboards because it uses Bluetooth or 2.4Ghz connectivity to connect with your computer, and most of these keyboards have a USB receiver which you have to plug into your computer’s USB port. Wireless keyboards are powered by AA/AAA batteries and their battery life ranges from 1 year to 6 months depending on how much you use them, but if we talk about wired keyboards then they need power supply to function.

Do you like RGB backlighting?

The RGB lighting is unnecessary, but it looks really cool on your desk if you are working or playing low-light games. There are different types of RGB keyboards available like linear, clicky etc.

Linear switches don’t have any tactile feedback which means that these types of switches actuate at the same point, but they make less noise than clicky ones .The only disadvantage of linear switches is that you will get less feedback about your actuation point.

Clicky switches produce more sound but they have tactile feedback which means that you can feel the resistance while typing, so I would suggest you to buy clicky switches if you are a writer because writers need tactile feedback for faster typing.

wireless keyboards are good for gaming but only when the battery life of your Keyboard is high enough

Which switch should you buy?

There are different types of switches available like red, brown, black etc. I would suggest you buy tactile switches because they give you a premium feel and it’s easier to type quickly on them, but red switches are suitable, but I think brown switches are the best for gaming and typing because they have a heavier actuation force which means that you will get more tactile feedback.

##Durability of wireless keyboards

Wireless keyboards are more durable than wired ones because they don’t have any snaking cables, but if we talk about durability of mechanical switches then it depends on the type of switch that whether your Keyboard’s switches will last long or not. Linear switches like red and brown carries a huge risk of getting stuck because your switch can get stuck at the middle of the keypress, so if you are a writer then it’s better to buy clicky switches because they will not get stuck.

I have a Logitech K400+ Wireless keyboard, and as far as I am using it, I haven’t faced any problem yet. In my opinion, it’s the best wireless Keyboard available in the market right now because of its incredible battery backup and compact design .It doesn’t feel cheap at all, even though it has no backlighting and rubber feet.

The only disadvantage of wireless keyboards is their battery life because they need power supply to function, so I would suggest you to buy wired keyboards if you are a writer or professional gamer, but if you want a premium experience then go for mechanical switches.


Wireless keyboards are the best choice for people who do gaming. They work on their computers in low light because they don’t have any snaking cables, which can cause damage to your desktop, so if you want a premium experience, buy wired keyboards because wireless keyboards are not durable enough.

Mechanical switches will last long, but they are heavy and bulky to carry, so it entirely depends on you what kind of switch you want.

Which type of keyboards do you use? Comment below if you have any questions.


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