Disease management app for Android and IOS

It is difficult to manage illness for a sick person because there are many medication steps patients have to go through like appointments, symptoms records, and much other important information. Fortunately, we are from the digital era that means we have numerous facilities like disease management apps that can help in chronic illness.

  • Mango Health:

Taking daily medication would be an errand for those who are suffering from the disease. But this application makes it fun because it allows you to set notifications of reminders of taking pills and also add awarding points to taking medicine on time. After that these points turn into awarding gift cards that can be donated to charity. Mango health will also give you information about any harmful drugs if you are taking and continuously send you alerts if required. This application is only available on iTunes and android and also charges no cost.

  • GOLD COPD Strategy:

This is one of the best managing applications especially for those who are going through pulmonary issues (COPD). GOLD COPD Strategy charges $5.99 on iTunes. It spooks the Global resources for obstructive Lungs disease. Usually, doctors get access to the patient and recommend assessment tests of COPD. This application also allows the doctors to track the symptoms and record the previous information so that can predict and serve the patient in a better way.

  • MySuger Junior:

This is specifically designed for children who are suffering from juvenile diabetes. It is free of cost and available on Android and iTunes. It would be difficult for the kids who are managing diabetes and have to evaluate insulin dose and calculating glucose level. But it would be a fun game to managing all through MYSuger Junior. This application has an interactive character that allows the patient to add glucose level, intake of insulin, and even can upload pictures of food. This application can send the information of parents so that they can track the condition of their skid’s health when they are out of reach.

  • Care Zone:

This application is designed for caregivers and sensitive people who are more concerned and more caring than the patient. This is a fantastic application for families to managing the condition of patients. It consists of helping features like a calendar for tracking appointments, general progress reports, reminders of medicines, storage of files and pictures, and can also share it with friends and family. It also gives suggestions about dose quantity through pictures.

  • My Pain Dairy:

This application is a great helping aid for those who want to control and manage their body pains. My Pain Diary charges $4.99 from both iTunes and Android. This application was designed by the patient, who was suffering from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS),  it suggests a feasible method for patients to enter the amount of pain they are feeling and can share the intensity with doctors. The calendar can be created for the appointment of a doctor, pain scale can be customized, even for regular entries reminders can be set, pictures of symptoms can be uploaded.

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