Yes, a vector graphic is mainly created using certain circles, lines, rectangles, and curves for better outcomes related to your artwork. Remember that vector files are most probably used in both 2D and 3D environments. The upside about these files is that they can be scaled to a large number without any quality distortion. And, even now you can convert raster jpg files to vector SVG from the source of that offers free JPG to SVG converter online.

Remember that vector files will assists you to boost your art-related works. Thus, we gathered best vector converters alternative that works efficiently for your design work.


Account with this best online tool to convert JPG, GIF, and PNG images to an array of vector file formats such as AI, EPS, PDF, and SVG. But, for an instant JPG file to SVG conversions according to illustration presets, you have to choose an online JPG to SVG converter.

The Autotracer is 100% free to use tool that does not requires any registration and installation. The maximum file size that is supported with this tool is 6MB, even with a size of up to 5000 X 5000. Quit worrying as it comes with simple interface where you just ought to load the local raster image, choose vector file types, and then choose the number of colors. Also, now you could export raster JPG as SVG vector file with the use of an online JPG to SVG converter. It also loaded with advanced options that includes smoothening, despeckle, and even the option to attain a white background.

Why to Use:

  • Allow you to work with multiple formats for raster and vector formats.
  • Provides you with certain option to select the number of colors.
  • Packed with option including: smoothing, Despeckle, and white background.

Vector Magic:

It is indicated as a well-known browser-based tool that provides you with the ease of converting raster images to a wide range of vector file formats. For instant transformation from JPG raster to SVG vector graphic, you need to stick with an online JPG to SVG converter.

With Vector Magic, you can easily drag and drop the files into the main interface of this program. You can fetch two handy options with this tool, automatic settings for file conversion or just manual settings that lets you choose the file quality, colors, and certain other artwork parameters. The upside about this program is that the entire process of file conversion and even the processed file can be downloaded from the main interface. An online JPG to SVG converter also lets you download and process the files from the main interface.

If required, you can be able to edit images by using particular tool. Vector Magic is best alternative does not embed the file but traces it, that’s why it leads in high quality outcomes.

Why to Use:

  • Provides you with the option to vectorize the image automatically and even you could use the best settings for better outcomes
  • Explore innumerable file editing options.
  • With this tool, your file is only traced and not embedded.


As the names depicted that it lets you work with image vectorization at a great extent of level. It also works as JPG to SVG converter to save JPG image as SVG vector, also you can convert your PNG, BMP, and JPEG files to vector formats. You can be able to upload up to 3 images, and only 3 image files can be downloaded using this program per hour.

You can consider this vector alternative tool to edit up to 10 vector graphic files that result per hour. Once you added the file into the program, you could easily choose from different output options such as algorithm to combines, threshold, sorting by color, min area, blur area, and much more. Don’t to worry since the converted graphic file can easily be downloaded from the program.

Why to Use:

  • Fetch the Preview for the both input and output file.
  • Provides you with the multiple options to choose the output file parameters.


All you need to add about 100MB file from your system, Google Drive, URL, and Dropbox to perform file conversion to a vector image. This also offers you with handy JPG to SVG converter that only lets you proceed with couple of conversion each day, otherwise you have to go with PRO account.

The amazing thing is that this tool is packed with quick and user-friendly interface that assists you to add the files, choose the output file type and save the resultant file. Additionally, with your local system, all the converted files can entirely save to cloud storage for your convenience.

Why to Use:

  • You can be able to add files from ULR, computer, Google Drive, and Dropbox.
  • Also, get the opportunity for adding converted files to the local system or cloud.
  • Packed with simple interface.

Free Online Converter:

Now it becomes handy to convert raster images to vector files by using this vector alternative tool, and even there’s no need to install and process any third-party software. Also, this is where you can fetch best JPG to SVG converter to process your file conversions from regular jpg to vector svg without any quality loss.

You can be able to process up to 50 files by using this handy program, and remember that the converted file is comes within black and white vector presets.

Why to Use:

  • User-friendly interface.
  • Up to 50 files can be converted from this source