Have you ever wondered why companies like Amazon, Apple, and Alibaba are thriving, even during the pandemic? If so, you are about to find out their secrets. While there are many factors to brand success, one of the factors that have helped many brands survive the pandemic is digital media. 

It depends on the type of business, but mostly a digital presence includes having a website, articles, ads, online reviews, being listed as a business on maps and in online business directories. 

But what makes digital media so special and how an online presence affects brand progress is more complicated than you can imagine. Thus, in this article, we bring to you 7 reasons why an online persona matters and how you can benefit from it. 

7 reasons why a digital presence matters for businesses 

Below are 7 reasons why certain brands are performing outstandingly in 2021 due to their digital presence. Below we have added reasons based on their proven effectiveness and popularity in the digital marketing world. 

  • Expanding Employee Network

Since 2019, many people are working from home and communicating remotely. While working from home seems like a bad idea, it has worked well and has been in use by many companies.  

Let’s take the example of American Express. They have been working with remote content creators to create rich, detailed oriented and SEO-optimized content. Their forum OpenForum” a collaborative platform allows guest authors from different fields to share their wisdom and business knowledge. 

That way, they don’t need to hire writers while getting quality content. They are also promoting the idea of a global community where people feel connected to the brand and a part of something fruitful! 

For companies new to digital media, creating a website, a forum and social media campaigns can be very hard. Therefore outsourcing software/web development can be a good idea. You may try outsourcing offshore or inshore. 

For companies in Pakistan, outsourcing to a software house in Islamabad, Pakistan, Karachi, and Lahore can be a good idea as inshore outsourcing provides better and faster communication opportunities to both parties. 

  • Reach more customers 

According to Statistica, 4.66 Billion internet users were reported in January 2021. That gives businesses a huge room to market their brand and reach customers. A business with an online presence is open to new horizons where borders are not an issue. Even without a physical location you can access customers and get your message across. 

But, to reach customers, an effective marketing strategy and business model are essential. Taking the example of TikTok, it had 689 million active users per month, as of January 2021 reported by DATAREPORTAL. The reason why TikTok is so popular is that it allows users to express their creativity from anywhere. 

It uses fun features and filters so people can make all kinds of videos. TikTok’s marketing and app features have made it the first choice of many teens and grownups. From celebrities to laymen, everyone is loving the app, making it one of the fastest-growing social media platforms in the world. 

  • Audience Targeting 

Digital media allows you to target an audience based on your products and services. There are multiple tools and methods used to spot ideal customers and to market to specific groups. If you can execute audience targeting well, you can improve your traffic and the number of customers that buy your products. 

Let’s take the example of the British brand, ASOS. According to Statistica, the brand reached a net worth of 1.1 Billion GBP in 2021. It saw an improvement of 38% from 2020. Why is the brand so successful? One of the reasons is its audience targeting. 

The brand understands that millennials are its ideal customers and hence makes sure to reach them through effective marketing. 

  • Improved brand image

Through digital media, many brands are improving their image and overall persona. Through the use of social media pages, brands are now connecting with customers on a personal level to establish trust and to deliver information faster.

Let’s take the example of Netflix. The platform has a Twitter handle @NetflixHelps dedicated to customer service. The handle helps customers get faster responses and the brand can cater to all problems on a dedicated channel without being flooded by complaint calls or emails. On top of that, satisfied customers leave positive reviews on Twitter, and that further improves the brand’s image. 

  • Easier Shopping

Online shopping and buying services are much easier than going shopping physically. That is why people now prefer buying goods online instead of going to a store. The ease of shopping is what makes digital media so rewarding. Customers can shop from anywhere anytime and that positively impacts a business. 

Considering the pandemic, it has become even harder to shop physically due to frequent lockdowns. That makes online shopping easier, faster, and safer. You must have seen restaurants closing down and suffering while many are still working online and thriving. It’s all thanks to digital media. 

  • Stay in business 24/7

Online businesses are open 24/7 compared to physical businesses. When a customer places an order, all details are conveyed without any waiting. That increases the number of customers. Plus, with a remote team working from different regions, you can provide great customer service 24/7. All of this isn’t possible without a digital presence. 

Let’s take the example of Amazon. It saw a 220% increase in sales due to the pandemic. Why? Because it provided unmatched service, high-quality products and worked tirelessly on its digital presence. 

  • Analyze and improve with time 

For any business, it’s crucial to analyze progress with time and make amends as soon as possible. While experience and expertise matter, the tools and techniques available online can greatly help you make data-driven decisions. With quantitative data, you can understand the present, past, and future of your brand better, and make decisions accordingly. 

Through digital media, you get information about customer needs, issues, age, demographics, etc. This data is valuable and can help you better design your future campaigns. 


In this article, we went through 7 reasons behind the success of certain brands in 2021. Digital media has shown great results ever since it came to the scene. The results got even more prominent from 2019-21 during the pandemic. 

Brands that worked on their digital persona, reached the right audience, generated more leads, saved money and time. They were able to build a credible image in the uncertain time that made them rise to the top. 

They were able to track progress with time to make useful changes and stayed active 24/7 through the power of digital media. These brands made it easier for us to shop while making it easier for them to reach us! This is why they flourished even during the devastating pandemic. 

We hope this article was useful to you. Do check more articles on our site to stay informed! 


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