What Is Trending Technology in Android 2021?

With 90% of the market share, the most sought-after OS in today’s time is Android. It carries 3.04+ million apps in the Play Store. Android has everything this modern world needs, starting from social media apps and standard tools such as calendars, complex games, and web browsers. Everybody has their eyes on Android OS for developing mobile applications mainly because of the trending technology in Android that is varied in number these days. Several businesses are now availing of custom Android app development services for enhancing the position of their brand. Android applications are user-friendly that helps in drawing more people. Android application development is constantly evolving with several recent technologies and trends. In this blog, we will speak about important Android application trends.

Gaining Insight into New Technology in Android Applications

Android adoption in the recent few years has undergone radical changes. It is primarily supported via the boosted user experience. A business can stay ahead by exemplifying the latest trends in Android app development in the constantly evolving application development industry.

It is time to delve into the newest Android application development trends that can transmute businesses in 2021.

  1. Blockchain Technology: With this trending technology in Android, businesses can get hold of decentralized application development solutions that improve transparency. This will also discard unauthorized access and intervenes by employing robust security protocols. This is an ideal Android application development option for financial sectors like currency exchanges and banks, and many more. According to one survey, active engagement of more than 90% of worldwide organizations into Blockchain technologies is currently witnessed. Data deployment for better performance, decreasing data loss is some of the most significant advantages of Blockchain technology.
  2. Multiplatform Development: Google’s new technology, Flutter, is also proving to be one of the new technologies in Android applications that will largely prevail in 2021. Developers offering custom Android app development services can commence app development by utilizing native interfaces for the platforms such as Android and iOS. Developers prefer this platform as this platform functions as a robust tool for developing mobile applications due to the flexibility and combinability that it brings along. MVP development and native design are some of the important reasons for picking Flutter. Software developers presently combine Flutter enthusiastically into the application development process that is making this technology a highly promising new Android technology trend.
  3. Beacon Technology: Businesses globally are now employing Beacon technology to target potential clients exclusively. Beacons are nothing but transmitting gadgets that can easily connect with smartphone gadgets that are within the range. With this, businesses can send notifications about special offers and nearby hotels, and a lot more. Such diligence is making this technology the latest Android technology that developers are utilizing essentially. The integration is highly beneficial for businesses such as restaurants and shops.
  4. Android Instant Applications: In the world of Android application development, custom Android app development companies are well aware of instant Android applications. But yet its popularity is on the rise these days. These applications enable users to engage in new applications or games without installing them on their devices. When users are on the go, they can use these applications fast without downloading. This new technology used in Android is helping Ecommerce games and businesses to large extents. Instant applications take very little space on smartphone devices and also decrease needless system interruption. Compatibility across every Android gadget, remarkable UX/UI design, and extra storage space are some of the best benefits of these applications.
  5. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Organizations can now experience better computing strength because of cloud computing. Due to this, it is now possible to fabricate AI models that enhance usual procedures that were impossible before. Contemporary AI technology can now boost productivity by 50%. The biggest strength of AI is the versatility found in the various solutions. Software developers are now applying this technology to include image identification, data analytics, automate varied tasks, natural language processing, and a lot more. The current accomplished neural network can be efficiently employed on Smart devices after proper introduction without any consumption of the processor. This is the latest Android technology that will thrive in 2021.
  6. Chatbots: More business owners are now taking much interest in the amalgamation of the content of the applications and services with Google Assistant or chatbots in 2021. There is a very crucial benefit of employing this integration. It can provide faster methods for users to utilize an application right away in the Assistant. Brands can now deep-link to specific functions within the mobile application from Google Assistant with App Actions. Another helpful feature called Android Slices is letting developers display important content from the apps to the Assistant users. As the number of users is increasing daily, mobile application integration with this helpful virtual Assistant is becoming a massive target among numerous development teams. Not very new in Android technology, but this trend can take brands a long way in their path to success.
  7. Internet of Things: In all our lives, the one thing without which we cannot live is our smartphones. Storing data related to contacts, emails and meetings have become convenient with smartphones. With the emergence of applications, smartphones have also evolved, thereby providing the world with solutions like smart gadgets like smart TVs, sports bands, and smartwatches. But this does not end here. In today’s time, the prices are reduced, making smart gadgets more inexpensive for households. It is anticipated that there will be more than 76 billion linked gadgets worldwide by 2025, and one of its drivers will be cost-effectiveness. This Android application trend is here to stay.

Final Say

Each year, new trending technology in Android, ideas, and innovations will indicate several transformations. By again examining all the application development trends in the content, it is clear that Android OS and its significance are mounting unprecedentedly towards a more unified experience targeted for offering on-customer demands. A custom Android app development company can help you apply all the vital trends in your mobile applications. So just connect and create with the experts today.

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