What To Do When You Find Out Who Stole Your Identity?


Stolen identity or identity theft means when a thief gains access to your very personal information, including your name, address, social media account credentials, bank account codes, credit card numbers, and any other personal information, and then they use it for their personal financial advantage.

In case you fall victim to identity theft, it entirely depends on the level and type of the identity theft that what actions you must take to recover, how long it will take to recover, and also the consequences of the theft.

However, further, in this article, you will learn some tips that you must consider in case of identity theft.

Tips to Consider If Your Identity has been Stolen

Identity theft can cause a major loss, and it has already happened almost as many times as it has occurred. There is no way one can completely be safe from it; however, here are some measures that can keep you secure from falling victim to any sort of identity threat:

1. Consult the Local Area Police

Once your identity is stolen, you must reach out to your local area police and explain to them the situation. You must then file an identity theft report at the police station. Make sure to keep a copy of the report for your personal record too.

Although the police do not really help if the theft has been committed from a foreign country, the report will, however, help out in tracking the thief if the theft has occurred locally.

2. Freeze your Credit

Freezing your credit adds up additional protection to help prevent major loss. When you freeze your credit, the agencies will make sure to keep your credit reports safe and will not share your information with anyone. All sorts of access to your credential reports are completely cut off to keep it safe from ant breaches.

3. Set up Stronger Security on your Social Accounts

Accounts are a very personal belonging. It is highly recommended that once you have been victimized by identity theft, you must tighten the security on your accounts to protect your data from being violated.

You must also stay alert to contact the security bureau in case any of your accounts are hijacked, and there’s a risk of massive violation of your data.

4. Alert the Agencies of Fraud

If your information is stolen, you must also consider informing the respective agencies about the mishap to make them alert in case of any fraud occurring through your accounts.

In case the agencies are not informed and you have not set up security on your accounts, the thief may take action on your account with the intent to cause damage. You must also hire a competent identity theft attorney as soon as possible to look after your case and work for the recovery.

5. If a Credit Counseling Service is Available, Sign Up for it

If your personally identifiable information was compromised in a hacking incident, you might be eligible for free credit monitoring.

These services keep an eye on credit reports for unusual behavior and provide notifications anytime a new account is established. You may join up for a reliable service independently if you aren’t provided free credit surveillance.


Identity theft can cause major damage. It can compromise our credit reports and your very personal data. Therefore, it is important to take adequate measures already to minimize the risk of any such theft.