Which Cloud Technology is Best in 2022?


We often hear about cloud technology and cloud services. But how do they work? What are the advantages that it can contribute to our business? How significant is its role in today’s businesses and organizations? Cloud technologies created a big shift in how traditional businesses think and use IT resources.

What is cloud technology?

Cost savings, strategic edge, reliable back-up and data restoration, unlimited storage capacity, and automatic software integration are just some of the advantages cloud technologies and computing has offered to this generation. Scaling your business has never been this easier. 

Simply put, cloud technologies include the delivery of computing devices – how information and business data is sent and stored over the internet, into servers, databases, and networks. 

With cloud technology, transcending the limitations of using physical devices in sharing business data is now possible, at a lower cost and with ease of use. This virtual storage in space, which we call as the cloud, makes it easier for businesses to share information and applications across the internet without the restriction of time and location. It allows you to share and access information when you need to, at any place in the world powered by the internet.

There are plenty of cloud technologies available in the market right now. But which are the best and which ones are most beneficial for our generation?

What are the best cloud technologies in 2022?

Cloud computing and technologies is today’s driving force for digitization in both the consumer and business industries. Nowadays, it is hard to imagine an organization scaling and propelling without the help of cloud technologies.

Both customers and organizations are adopting cloud and storage solutions to keep up with the rising demand of the industry. In fact, by 2022, the cloud services industry is expected to grow by over $400 billion as the demand for its use increases. Cloud technologies aid in future-proofing and bolstering what brands can offer today and in the future. With all this in mind, what are the available cloud technologies we should look forward to this 2022?

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

One of the most popular cloud technologies of today is SaaS. These types of cloud computing services aid in distributing data online. It makes it possible for organizations to continue hosting the software from any browser on any digital device. It is easy to use, affordable, and straightforward, making it one of the most attractive and lucrative areas in the cloud computing industry.

It features a pay-per-use model or a subscription offering flexibility for organizations who use this type of cloud computing service. SaaS is mostly used for CRM and applications that require a lot of mobile and web access. Some of the most common SaaS software we are familiar with include Salesforce, Dropbox and Google Workspace. Interestingly, Netflix falls into the SaaS type of cloud technology. It is a SaaS company that sells its software, through a subscription, to be able to access and watch licensed videos on demand.

Infrastructure as Service (IaaS)

Another common cloud computing service model is the IaaS. This type of cloud technology offers the fundamental infrastructure of virtual servers, data storage drives, and network operating systems. One of its major advantages is that it allows flexibility, scalability, security and reliability which most organizations and businesses seek. IaaS removes the need for hardware in the office. 

Cloud phones are samples of IaaS. What are cloud phones and why getting cloud services is advantageous? In this setup, subscribers get access to infrastructure by “renting” thus, eliminating the need for organizations to invest and maintain their own hardware. They do not require software to use.  Everything is stored in the cloud. IaaS are advisable for small and medium sized companies seeking a cost-effective IT business solution that will help scale their business. Similar to SaaS, it  is a pay-per-use service available for public, private and hybrid infrastructure. Samples of IaaS types of cloud technologies include Amazon Web Services, IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Digital Ocean, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

Another cloud computing technology that is here to stay is the PaaS. In this technology, cloud computing services deploys infrastructure and software framework for organizations to be able to develop and run their own applications. For faster and robust web application needs, PaaS is the best cloud technology available out there.

Scaling one’s business is much affordable with PaaS cloud solutions especially for industries in web development. If an existing CRM tool is already established, a PaaS system can provide additional leverage. Businesses get access to hardware and software tools available through the internet.

PaaS services also include application testing and development, application design and development, information security, web service integration, and development team collaboration. Examples include Window Azure, Heroku, Google App Engine and OpenShift.

Cloud Technology and the Future of the Internet

The future of cloud technology and cloud computing is huge, profitable and offers exciting opportunities for customers and businesses. Its power and network will continue to grow and provide more benefits. With the help of these cloud-based services, remote servers and advanced technological infrastructure will add confidence, security and more reliability to business data and information.

Cloud computing will also help in encouraging innovations in smart devices and how they can keep people, its users, in the loop. With cloud computing time and space will not matter. Staying connected has never been this accessible, secure, affordable, and efficient.


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