Important Marketing Tips When Relocating Your Business


Relocating a business is not an easy decision, but it’s often a necessary one.

Businesses move their operation to other locations for lower production costs, lower taxes, access to the market, etc.

Regardless of what your reason for moving is, it is a big decision and can cause you great distress. However, planning your move can ensure a smooth transition, and creating a marketing strategy for your move is critical.

In this article, we have outlined important marketing tips that you should incorporate in your marketing strategy if you are planning to relocate your business.

1. Update Your Address Online

What’s your new location? Let your customers know well in advance.

Before relocating your business, inform your customers that you will be relocating on a particular date through word-of-mouth, email, social media platforms, official website, etc.

By informing your customers of the change, you will gain the appreciation of your customers. Moreover, this marketing tip will help you retain old customers gain new ones at the new location.

2.  Create Content for Relocation

Content Marketing is the most used marketing technique that has been on the rise ever since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world. When we say content, we mean make photo content, video content, written blogs, etc., about your relocation.

Content marketing strategy has been the most effective marketing technique that has been used successfully all over the world by different companies. The lockdowns in 2020 and 2021 resulted in a lot of people mostly relying on their phones and social media for all sorts of informative and attractive content.

Therefore, creating content to inform your customers you are moving is an effective technique, especially for international relocation.

3. Invest in Search Engine Optimization Marketing Techniques

Search Engine Optimization is a digital marketing technique that ensures that your website is using certain keywords that are most searched for in the search engine and therefore brings your website to the top of that search engine’s result page.

If you want your customers to see the name of your website when they search for your niche, then you must invest in white hat SEO techniques like backlinking, keyword search and optimization, on-page SEO, etc.

4. Create a New Digital Marketing Strategy

In 2021, most of the brick-and-mortar businesses went digital, meaning that most of the operations were being done online, and the business that did not make this switch suffered huge losses or went out of business.

So given that omicron is upon us as we are entering 2022, hybrid and remote working situations may continue. So invest in your digital marketing strategy since things are probably going to stay online and invest in good content marketing, paid marketing, PPC, SEO, Influencer marketing, email marketing, etc.

5. Consider an Open House for your New Business Location

When you move to a new location, it is a good idea to do an old-fashioned open house and airport lounge access. Do you remember what old-school word of mouth marketing was? Well, it is still very effective in today’s day and age.

There are still many people who would love to visit a new ice-cream store that came into their neighborhood, and if they like it, they will also bring their friends along. So what most of the relocating businesses do, is offer free tasting or a free sample of their product or service on this open house day.

6. Emphasize and Highlight your Company’s Culture

You must highlight and emphasize your company’s culture. For example, are you looking for a formal culture or an informal culture? Let us give you an example here; a lot of tech startups have an informal culture where people can wear casuals and work in a friendly environment.

The second option is that you have strict rules that the company employees should adhere to in terms of dressing code or any other thing. Such companies formulate company policies etc. that employees need to comply with.

7. Start the Process of Hiring in your New Location

Relocation also means that you might need to hire new staff. This is a marketing technique in itself. A lot of people will become aware of the job opening and bring exposure to your business in the new location.

A lot of people would apply, visit you for an interview and learn about your business as well. This is a marketing technique in itself. A lot of people create job opportunities sometimes just to bring traffic to their websites. It might sound unethical, but yet small business owners do that.

You Are Now Ready To Relocate Your Business Successfully

Now that you have read our article and the tips we have mentioned above, you are aware of what moves you need to make to market your business relocation. You need to keep in mind only these 7 essential marketing tips; Update your addresses, invest in content marketing, new digital marketing strategy, consider doing an open house in the new location, define your company’s culture and hire people in the new location.

Author Bio:

Myrah Abrar is a computer science graduate with a passion for web development and digital marketing. She writes blog articles for Asia Relocation, International relocation


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