AFK Arena is a popular role-playing and action game developed by Lilith Games. In this game, the heroes play an important role.  The players have to select heroes and fight Arena. The game is famous due to its popular missions and challenges. It got millions of downloads with 4.7 ratings in a short time. The players can play games on any Android and iOS devices. They can also play AFK Arena on PC by using an android emulator.

News Update 1.64

The developers of each game try to update their game contents regularly because they want that more people download and play their game. In this way become successful in making the game more popular among the players. AFK Arena is already a popular action and role-playing game that updates its contents on a regular basis. Every month its updates its content and adds new content to the game. In the previous update 1.64, we see the new hero Desira. In the present 1.64 updates, a new hero is also added to the game. The new hero is named Leofric. Another hero, Hypogean, is also live after this new update. Also, some new events are added to the game. Some previous heroes are also changed. Many other changes will also occur in the game. In this article, we will completely discuss the new update 1.64.

AFK Arena patch

New Hero Leofric

As we know that in every update of AFK Arena, the players get a new hero. In this new update 1.64, a new hero named Leofric is added to the game. Leofric is a new hero wearing a purple color faction. This new hero has many abilities.

New Hero Leofric


Shadow Mastiff: This is a more powerful ability with this ability the hero has a high range of attack.

Hellwyrms: It is the second-best ability of Leofric hero.  It is a damage-dealing hero ability and deals with 25% damage from enemies. Unmasked Horror and perfect Disguise are also the abilities of this hero. All the above abilities make the hero more powerful and popular. These abilities more than 50% damage.

Hero Appearance

The appearance of the hero is also good. The hairs of the hero are a combination of white and black color. The eye color of this hero is not the same as it suffers from heterochromia condition. The hero is wearing a monocle on his face; overall, it is a good-looking hero.

Recurring events

As we discussed above that new events will be added to the game. The recurring events of this new update are

Hunting Fields

Trials of God

Voyage of wonders

Misty Valley

Recurring events

We see the same optimization in the event Hunting Fields.  In this event, the players can see new tasks.  The period of challenges of this is also increased in this new update.

Hero optimization

The hero optimization is an important part of each new update of AFK Arena. In this new update, 1.64 many heroes have optimized.  So that they perform well in the game. The issues of Queen’s hero are also fixed.  Silas hero skill “Double Dosage” problems are also fixed in their new update. The Astral Shift, oh pipa hero is also fixed. At last, the Oden hero is also optimized in this new update. It’s an “Eviction” skill problem fixed by developers.

Hero optimization

to download and play AFK Arena on PC?

There is a great difference between playing games on mobile and PC. There are many benefits to play games on a PC than a smartphone because the PC has a fast system and a better display. The players can enjoy the games on PC. Therefore many people like to play games on PC. AFK Arena is also a popular game today. Many people know that how to download games on PC, but some do not know about this. So for these people who do not know, we explain it in the article below. It is a simple process and does not need special skills. The people who want to play Android games on PC just need to install an Android emulator. Android emulators are software users to play games on a PC or Laptop. There are different emulators with different features available nowadays, but the best Android emulator is LDPlayer.

Is LDPlayer safe?

Every person in the world has their privacy. There is much software that disturbs the privacy of their users. So users are worried about these apps. They want a safe Android emulator to play games on PC. Many emulators are available, but all are not safe. LDPlayer is a tested and verified Android emulator, which is 100% safe and users friendly. LDPlayer does not access the privacy of its users and provides the best services free of cost. LDPlayer is developed by a famous Chinese Company, and it was developed under experts. The privacy of users considered during its development. LDPlayer is the safest Android emulator among all available Android emulators. So if you are a PC game lover, then download this emulator and protect your privacy.

LDPlayer is the safest Android

How to download LDPlayer?

LDPlayer Android emulator has a simple and easy process of download and install. Just follow the given points.

  1. Visit the official website of LDPlayer for safe download. Avoid third-party websites.
  2. Click on the given Android emulator and then tap the download button.
  3. It will be downloaded in few seconds.
  4. After this, install it on your PC.
  5. Open the emulator and visit LDstore for games.

download LDPlayer


The 1.64 updates of AFK Arena are completely discussed in this new update. We discussed the new hero Leoferic in detail and also discussed its appearance and abilities. We discussed the new events and also discussed the optimized heroes of this game AFK Arena. The overall new update is friendly with the users, and it increased the fun of the game.


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