4 Tech Tools To Help the Remote Worker

Remote Worker

There are many benefits of having a remote job. Life is no longer confined to the same routine schedule, heading to the car, getting to the office and making your way home. Instead, remote employees enjoy flexibility and balance, blending their home and work life. However, if you’re going to take on this position, it’s best to get prepared. Remote jobs demand the appropriate setup for the home, car and travel. The following are four tech tools to learn and use.

1. Get a Chat Application

If someone needs to get you immediately, they could send an email. This process gets the message across, but it doesn’t always work for working through issues or identifying tone or immediacy. Therefore, remote team members should have a viable chat application to connect them with other team members. Download it to your phone and laptop. Use these applications to have video or text conversations without worrying if someone has their email box open. Don’t miss a call whether you’re at the desk or running errands.

2. Familiarize Yourself With Hot Spot

The internet makes it happen. You may be able to knock out some typing without going online, but research and communications stall if you don’t have good connections. Therefore, learn how to use your mobile hot spot to keep yourself in sync in quiet, less populated locations.

For example, what happens if you decide to head out on a luxury Mediterranean cruise but want to minimize your vacation time, making it a workation (something becoming more popular and acceptable). The ship likely has internet available, at least for a fee. But when you step off the boat, you may require assistance to take that video call. A hot spot could allow you to make that meeting.

What if your phone struggles with service? Look into a small Wi-Fi portable device that could serve as a connector and battery backup.

3. Cloud Storage

How do you collaborate when you aren’t in the same location? What if you’re in different time zones, even? Remote work permits companies to hire people in any city or country. Businesses can recruit strong candidates, but getting everyone on the same page can prove challenging.

However, a cloud storage application does bring people closer, giving teams a chance to see each other’s work, offering input and allowing for modifications and adaptations. Save the file within the system, and ask a coworker to take a look. Once saved, it’s there for others to view and enhance. The process is immediate, so no one has to wait, and others can get to it even if they’re a few hours behind.

4. Focus Tools

Okay, working from home has its advantages and its battles. You can tackle the laundry, break for a show or grab a cup of coffee from your favorite mug. However, you also have to remember to stay on target, forgetting about the other twenty things you’d like to accomplish in your house. The internet is also a distraction. It’s easy to hop over to an online site and browse for clothes or goods. You might surf the social media pages or cruise over to a news platform. Before you know it, you’ve lost a reasonable amount of time.

As a remote worker, consider adding a focus application to your dashboard. It’s an extension that keeps you from straying too far from your work needs. You can block sites or pages to prevent yourself from using them at certain times. So, if you love to buy shoes or watch funny blogs, this is an absolute must.


Ready yourself for a remote position. Ensure you have the tech tools to stay on target throughout your day and make the most of your time. Be available from various locations with a hot spot, have focus applications to knock out your mandatory tasks and get a chat tool to remain in touch with colleagues. These and a cloud system could keep you connected and productive.