10 Unbelievable Things You Never Knew About Video Streaming App Development


In recent years, streaming applications such as Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime, and Hubli have taken over television networks. According to statistics during the covid19 situation, Netflix has registered over 16 million users. The basic reason for gaining a huge customer base is they offer a wide range of series, movies, and entertainment videos despite physical distancing.

The whole Video streaming industry has made quite a significant amount of money. Also, it is now considered to be a lucrative business opportunity around the globe. Such Applications have led companies to target customers not only from their native country but also internationally. This is the best time to create a Top Video streaming App development like Netflix. Amidst Covid, such apps have made a lot of money during the Codi period.

Why Should You Consider Making a Video Streaming Application?

There is never-ending scope for you to earn money through a mobile App or Desktop Application. Moreover, in between the videos, you can target users with different ads that will help you to make a good amount of money.  But there are quite a few things that you should know before you build a video streaming Application.

  • Business Model

Despite there being a significant number of choices available among Netflix, amazon prime, hotstar, and many more, Netflix has gained huge business. This is only because of their Business model. Netflix uses a subscription-based model, which has led them to expand globally and scale-up steadily and quickly. 

  • Original Content

The most important point is to ensure that whatever content you are offering is unique and not available on your competitor’s applications. In order to succeed in this industry, you should try to broadcast your own in-house production shows along with third-party shows. 

  • Accessibility

With a lot of devices available with different resolutions, you should make sure that your application is accessible from devices like laptops, mobile phones, tablets. Netflix-like applications have maximized their fan base by allowing viewers to watch content from any device.

  • Storage Availability

Most of the users prefer to download the series and then watch it. Hence there should be a facility for storing downloaded videos. Many times, it happens that video streaming applications disable downloads due to copyright infringement. During such cases, it becomes quite essential for you to make the application scalable. 

  • Dashboard

A dashboard will help users to watch their latest content, moreover, it will help administrators to keep track of shows or series users are watching. Also, it will be useful to showcase different plans and subscriptions to viewers. You can also include relevant information about any user.

  • Recommendation System

With a wide range of shows and series available, it becomes quite difficult for users to select shows as per their interest. Hence to make it easier, most video streaming applications use Recommendation systems. 

Such Recommendation systems are made using advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning. This helps to analyze the user behavior and their preferences based on how they interact with the application. Based on the data collected, you can recommend viewers’ shows as per their interests and offer smart research results. 

  • Chats

In the era where AI is dominating the tech space, you should try to serve your customers with the best conversation AI. Artificial Intelligence-based Chatbots can be quite helpful to solve the queries of the customers round the clock without any interruptions or wait time. Chatbots reply quite intelligently that they will serve the purpose of prompt replies to customers. Also, it will ensure a hassle-free process and user experience.

  • Multi-lingual.

If you plan to target a wider range of international audiences, then it might be necessary for you to offer content in more than one language, such as regional languages. While building an MVP, you can run it in a particular language to target a specific audience but in the later development process, you make your application compatible with several languages.

  • Reviews and Rating.

Rankings of the shows are quite important along with the feedback from users. Your application should allow users to give feedback on various shows. This can help you to identify the most demanding niches and shows that people like to watch. 

  • User Interface and User experience.

It is of utmost necessity to ensure that all the design elements of your application are properly structured. It should be quite easy to use and offer synchronization with the content. The most important rule is to allow users to perform their desired actions without thinking much. Most of the time, it happens that people are not able to understand the application. Hence, you should ensure that your application is developed in such a way that anyone can use it.  All the elements of products should look and behave as intended on all the devices such as tablets, smartphones, desktops, and laptops. 

There are also a few important technologies that are quite important to launch a video streaming application.

  • Frontend: how will your application look? And its user interface. (Javascript, HTML5, Angular, Vue, Redux, MobX.
  • Backend: implementation of the business logic and connecting it to the frontend. (Python, Go, Node.js, Express, Flask)
  • Mobile: Whether it will be compatible on mobile or not. Technologies like iOS and Android are useful to build applications.
  • DevOps: How the storage and database of your application will work. Cloud Services like AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure are quite famous to serve your application.


In order to develop a video streaming Application with a modern design, you can consult with the top video streaming app development company.  They can help you to build applications from scratch and at a cheaper rate.  While they help you to build video streaming Applications, they will also offer other services such as deciding the market niche, operating system (iOS Application or Android Application), and also monetization strategy.

There are also a lot of legal formalities needed such as purchasing the license for content distribution, right to show cartoons, series, or tv shows. All such decisions require expert advice and guidance that can be offered by only video streaming development companies.

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