If your home relocation day is not far away, then you must be feeling disturbed with different thoughts, residential moving costs can be one of the reasons among them. Shifting is not an easy job when you look for the best packers and movers team at reasonable rates.

Everyone knows that moving house is an expensive deal, it normally ends up being costlier than the initial calculated cost. As we spend the hard-earned money so, it’s our responsibility to put all possible efforts which are required to minimize the overall moving costs.

While moving home and doing a discussion about the cost-reduction techniques, searching for affordable packers and movers is the best option as your ultimate goal is to move into your new home by spending less money. For better guidance, you can follow the below-mentioned tips:

Fasten your search

The eventual objective is to establish contact with quality movers who can provide the shifting service at a pocket-friendly price. It is obvious that such kinds of packers and movers will be in demand. So, this is required for all of you to be logical and show urgency in seeking out cheap movers before they get booked by someone else.

As soon as your shift got confirmed, you should take quick action and utilize your valuable time. The sooner you start your search, the better option you will get. It would be ideal if you look out for movers 2-3 months before the actual moving day. This can help you to get more time to decide a perfect fit based on your moving needs. Meanwhile, you may even get discounts for the early booking.

Take suggestions

It is an important point that needs to be considered for sure. When you look for inexpensive moving companies, you face complications in choosing the right fit that can be both low-priced and reliable. This situation arrives because almost all moving companies pledge that they are providing service at competitive rates. In that case, taking suggestions will work for sure.

Ask your colleagues, friends, or neighbors if they can recommend you with authorized movers who are known to provide service at reasonable rates. There are chances that some of them may be moved their home recently with authenticated packers and movers, you can request them to share detailed information related to the service firm they approached for shifting their goods.

Ask movers for in-home surveys

You should call different packers and movers agencies to get the best deals according to your budget. Comparing movers and selecting the right one sounds easy but the price evaluation process has its own specifics.

To get the correct price quote, don’t trust the estimates you receive over the phone or on e-mails. These sources can’t show the actual fees of taking the service. It is good to invite the moving companies to do the survey of your home. When movers come personally and do the inspection of every item you want them to pack, you won’t get any pleasant surprises on a moving day.

Always remember to ask in-house estimated moving costs as it guarantees that things won’t suddenly change later after the household items get loaded into the vehicle.

Compare the moving prices

To find the cheapest movers in your location, you need to complete an effective comparison analysis among various cost estimates received by you. Be attentive and look for additional services provided by moving agencies with rates. Also, check for the extra services that you need like furniture disassembly, packing & unpacking, temporary goods storage space, and shuttle services.

If necessary, directly speak with your moving partners and try to understand how they have calculated the total moving cost.

Should be aware of the average moving cost

As your main motive is to hire packers and movers at affordable rates, you need to familiar with the average moving cost charged for the shifting job. The local moving agencies charge money based on hours. The average cost to hire local movers is around $50 per hour for every single mover. However, the accurate hourly rate is not confirmed as it completely depends on the local moving company selected by you.

Movers who serve across the country charge according to the weight of the items that need to be moved. It totally depends on the distance between two locations, and the additional services essential to do the job. On average, you are expected to pay approximately $2000 for moving a 1 BHK  flat and $1000 for moving a studio.

Pay attention to rogue movers

While looking for low-priced movers near you, taking extra caution is mandatory for you. If you wouldn’t be careful, it may lead to a significant loss.

In case you get a quote that is the lowest of the rest, you should cross-check everything. There are some shady movers out there that would always love to cheat people. So, you wouldn’t allow such wrong practices as you’ve already been notified in advance.

The moving price estimates can be unexpectedly low when fake movers approach you. Rogue packers and movers quote fraudulent estimates to tempt innocent customers and then increase the price suddenly after you booked them for the shifting needs.

Don’t get attracted by cheap promises. Analyze things and try to understand why the service price is so low. When you fail to do so, communicate directly with the respective company and clarify all your doubts. When you don’t get a satisfying solution, simply reject them and hire professional movers and packers that offer reasonable moving rates.

Negotiate for a better price

Whether you are searching for long-distance or short-distance movers, use your negotiation skills and get the best price from the moving companies.

Normally, the moving service prices are negotiable as the final cost depends on multiple factors like the total weight of the goods, requested services including the chosen moving company itself.

Ask movers for suitable price discounts. Check with them if they give discounts for early booking, first-time customers, students, ongoing promotions, etc. Also, you can go online and look for discount coupons associated with the respective moving company you want to hire. It is ideal to use such coupons as this can help to minimize the overall moving cost.

In case, moving cost is a bit more than your expectation, contact the packers and movers and tell them that you are interested in taking their service if they can decrease the quoted price. Another effective way to get the service at an economical price is to pretend that you’ve been offered a better deal from the competitors.

Ask for insurance

with Professional movers you don’t have to worry about insurance coverage on items that aren’t insured due to their value (such as antiques). Professional movers provide insurance coverage on all items They’ll have experience with shipping art and other delicate items like fine art and antiques, which means they’ll know how to pack them properly and protect them during transit so they arrive in good shape. This ensures that all of your valuable belongings will be safe during transit without having to worry about someone else stealing them!


Finding economical and underbudget movers with a great reputation is not a difficult task. You just need to be attentive and required to use the right approach. Make sure you follow the above-mentioned tips as these will help you to ensure a perfect and trouble-free move.


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