3 Ways You Aren’t Using Your Real Estate CRM (and should be)

Real Estate CRM

The real estate sector has diversified and expanded to a mammoth size today. Owing to the growing competition in the industry, real estate organisations are running after solutions that can simplify their jobs. However, as these organizations strive to make the most of technology solutions around them, they fail to grab the essential core of these solutions and instead end up surrounding themselves with more than one, often redundant, alternatives. Real estate CRM offers a multitude of features, which are often overlooked as a solution.

From transaction management software to drip marketing software, there is no end to the number of solutions that a real estate agent could utilize. And added to this is the list of ‘solutions’ which are being released every day! How many of these do you think you can lay your hands on? Not only would they add to your costs and maintenance but it would also become severely troublesome for you to manage them all. Why not start looking at your CRM software for those solutions, something that costs you once and provides all solutions under one roof?

Transaction management

Real estate is no easy industry to tread. In order to succeed, an agent needs constant streamlining of his business processes, in order to remain effective at his work. When working on CRM software, a user can gain access to a dedicated dashboard, which allows him to maintain a complete record of all transactions. You can access all relevant data, view your timeline of progress and get tasks done on a timely basis. This is a two-sided solution that helps you clear the backlog of tasks and at the same time, helps with performance.

Also, it lets you review the automatically calculated commissions, assemble all reports and gather all documents, which help you judge the performance of an individual, as well as that of the team.

With data stored centrally, and a reasonable analysis of the work performed, your business stays updated and in line. This feature of real estate CRM software helps you develop a sequential plan of action, which helps your team perform up to an optimum level. This software actually makes it possible for plans to be achieved.

Phone dialler

You have probably shunned this feature of the best Real estate CRM software simply because it sounds a tad obvious, doesn’t it? What you didn’t realize though is the fact that a real estate phone dialler option can help you catch leads. Your CRM can take care of contacting your leads automatically through drip emails but including a human touch to your communications can add a better element to your business association.

It helps you save time when you are trying to access a large number of people, eliminate dialing errors by integrating calling functions with your CRM software, and also leave a pre-recorded voicemail for your customers.

The fact that you can tend to calling and dialing functions through software, as an agent, you can spend more time catching leads and saving time on laborious jobs. Overall, your complete business process is streamlined and made more effective.

●  Website management

Perhaps, one job which you would easily drop in the lap of your web developer is managing your website. Did you know that by using project management tools, you can manage your website, just the way you want?  Your website design gives your customer a glimpse into what your business is and how you operate. Hence, your website should be designed like a face that speaks about your business effectively.

As a real estate agent, you would know just how relevant visual imagery is when it comes to your business. Your website is an authentic way to put your best foot forward for your customers.

This is where you could make extensive use of your CRM software tools to design the best website for your business. Not only does a CRM take care of the design aspect of your website but it also integrates key functions with marketing tools so that you can combine a comprehensive web solution and present it to your customers. There is a lot of customization to choose from if you want to give your website a personal touch. Fortunately, you can save yourself the hassle of having to collaborate with an outside web developer and designer to get this job done.

Website management


Managing your real estate business may not be an easy job but you can make it so, with the best CRM software.  Trust us, this software is meant for more than just one use. If you truly get the hang of it, you simply have to wait to witness increased productivity in your business and greater target achievement. Apart from these features, you get a ton of customizable options such as marketing automation, content creation, and branding, which can act as an umbrella for all the technology solutions you have been juggling with.


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