6 Einthusan Alternatives : Einthusan Streaming Movies free 2024


Einthusan is a hot topic on the internet as it has gained significant popularity in a short period. Einthusan TV is a movie-streaming website now the number one Asian movie hub.

Movie enthusiasts and buffs are always looking for a place to get all the new and their favorite movies on the place, which is exactly what Einthusan TV does. It provides a very vast variety of movies in different languages.

What is Einthusan?

Einthusan TV is a free website to stream movies, tv shows, and documentaries. It does have a paid premium option as well. It provides several movies in up to nine regional languages and is supported in Android, iOS, PC, Mac, and even your gaming console.

After the covid era, streaming movies from the comfort of one’s home has become increasingly popular; hence, Einthusan has recently gained much popularity. It provides a wide array of legally licensed full-length feature films. The content is greatly appreciated by its audience. New movies are added to it from time to time, which helps broaden the audience for Bollywood movies and increases appreciation for them.

Languages provided by Einthusan:

Einthusan TV provides content to its user in nine different Asian languages-

  • Hindi Einthusan
  • Tamil Einthusan
  • Telugu Einthusan
  • Bengali Einthusan
  • Malayalam Einthusan

Einthusan and providing movies in multiple languages give the users the best experience as the quality of the content is superior with high definition. It has been one of the leading streaming websites in India recently. The main reason is that it provides high-quality content according to the demands of its user.

How to stream movies on Einthusan TV?

One can easily watch a wide array of movies according to their choice and taste by visiting the EinthusanTv website. You are not required to make an account to be able to watch movies. But, in this case, the movies or the site would include ads that can be frustrating to some, so it provides a premium option for which you need to pay some fee.

After purchasing the premium, you can log in by entering your credentials like email and password, and stream movies without any ads. The premium plan costs $25 and is a one-time fee, which means after paying $25, you can enjoy the benefits of the premium plan forever.

Alternatives to Einthusan for streaming movies for free?

In many regions, the movie site is unavailable, and sometimes a situation may arise where downloading a movie is impossible due to technical difficulties. So, to enjoy uninterrupted entertainment, one can refer to the available Einthusan alternatives and provide streaming services.

1. Hotstar –

It is the leading streaming site globally. The Disney-owned subscription streaming service Hotstar offers an excellent choice of content in nine different languages. It has over 40000+ movies, shows, documentaries, and so on. It offers a lot many movies and shows to stream for free. From Hollywood movies and TV shows to Indian daily soaps, Hotstar has everything for various audiences according to everyone’s preference.

It can be easily downloaded from the google play store and used to stream movies and shows 24/7. It can be accessed on Android, iOS, PC, Smart TVs, etc. It is associated with the channel Star Plus.

2. ErosNow –

It is owned by the film publisher Eros. It is an Indian subscription-based streaming platform available for just Rupees 99 per month. It offers various movies, shows, and even music videos. The content is owned by ErosNow legally, so there is no chance of discrepancies. A lot of content is available for free on this application. One can greatly enjoy Bollywood with this app.

3. Netflix –

It is a global provider of films and contains the most famous and demanded content. It is one of the best alternatives to Einthusan. It provides the option to download movies and also to stream them online. It does contain advertisements, and one can enjoy uninterrupted streaming hours.

4. Youtube –

Youtube is also often considered an Einthusan alternative as it provides entertainment through various videos, including movies. It offers content in several languages and recently has launched its premium. The premium plan removes ads and lets you enjoy uninterrupted. You can search for videos related to any topic you would want to watch and stream them for free.

5. YuppTV –

This can also provide you with an Einthusan alternative. It offers an extensive range of Bollywood and Kollywood movies. Along with a variety of options in movies, it offers TV shows and Live TV channels. For some reason banned by some countries or regions. YuppTV is a great alternative in this regard.

6. Amazon Prime Video –

It is also a subscription-based streaming website offering a wide range of movies. It has Bollywood and Hollywood movies and shows and content in several other languages. You can start by taking a free trial for a month and later take a paid subscription if you wish to watch other stuff. It was launched in the US in 2006 and has gained popularity among its audience. It provides its services worldwide and is a subsidiary of Amazon.


There are a lot of other alternatives available in the market these days. Movies and shows have gained so much popularity that people are looking for one platform to stream the latest movies or the movies they love. They can choose the site or application suited for them and stream movies, TV shows, and documentaries according to their choice.

You can watch movies for free on Einthusan TV, which is a strong point, but it is banned in some regions and cannot be accessed. Several other alternatives include Zee5, Voot, Hungama, Sony liv, Hulu, MoviesCouch, etc. You can strain movies easily for free and enjoy entertainment.