What Are the Most Common MacBook Pro Problems That Exist Today?


It’s not uncommon for computers to experience issues. While not all of these are particularly concerning, many can prove to be highly inconvenient.

This is even true for a MacBook Pro, a computer that is renowned for its ease of use and security. Let’s explore some of the most common MacBook Pro problems that you need to be aware of.

Battery Issues

One of the most frequent problems that people face with their MacBook Pro involves battery malfunction. To elaborate, you may not be able to charge your computer past a certain level. Or, your battery’s charge may only last a fraction of the time it’s supposed to.

Unfortunately, replacing the battery is often the only viable solution. This is particularly true if you are not always able to utilize the charger while using your MacBook Pro.

In some cases, you might even find that this problem affects your productivity. Those who use their laptops for work-related projects are the most likely to deal with this complication.

Black Screen

There are numerous different reasons why your computer could be displaying a black screen. If you have recently dropped your device or spilled water on it, you may have damaged the internal components that allow the screen to display correctly.

However, experiencing a black screen may also stem from a software issue on your device. A program or application that you use may not be fully compatible with your laptop, causing your screen to display incorrectly.

The same can be said about incompatible hardware, such as an external monitor. Occasionally, you may be able to resolve this issue by resetting the computer.

Wondering will a MacBook work after spilled water? You can visit this resource to find out.

Faulty Keyboard

One of the most frustrating issues that MacBook Pro users encounter is a faulty keyboard. This can manifest in a large number of different ways, ranging from keys that repeatedly enter the same value to keys that don’t respond at all.

Since one of the primary components of a laptop is the keyboard itself, this can easily become a frustrating experience. You might also find that it becomes severely limiting in terms of the number of potential uses you have for your laptop.

For instance, let’s assume that you frequently edit video footage on a laptop and need to be as productive as possible. A faulty keyboard can prevent you from being able to use keyboard shortcuts, something that can save a significant amount of time within a single session.

Unless you have previous experience making repairs to a MacBook Pro, it’s highly recommended that you avoid fixing this problem yourself. There’s a considerable chance that you will cause permanent damage to your device and may even cause it to be unusable.

Hard Drive Problems

When a computer has a hard drive problem, a handful of outcomes could occur. In some cases, your laptop might not be able to function correctly. In other situations, you may find that you are no longer able to store new data on the machine.

Although not quite as common, a device with hard drive issues may not be able to turn on at all. Most users discover they have a faulty hard drive when they began to hear clicking while using the computer.

This is one of the hallmark signs that you need to backup your data as quickly as possible. Regardless of whether or not your behavior while using your MacBook is reason enough to elicit hard drive issues, it’s still possible for it to become corrupted or damaged over time.

To help mitigate the consequences, get in the habit of regularly backing up your data to a remote location.

Issues With the Fans

Interestingly, this is yet another issue that involves a clicking sound while you use the computer. However, this problem is also not as benign as it seems.

If you forego the opportunity to fix a computer that has a fan issue, your machine will be unable to cool down properly. This means that periods of high use will cause it to overheat far more quickly than it normally would.

In most cases, you can avoid damaging your machine. This is due to the internal safeguards that are in place to prevent your MacBook Pro from reaching certain temperatures.

If it begins to cross this threshold, it will shut down in order to preserve itself. However, it may not be able to fully prevent heat damage if a fan is not functioning correctly.

As previously mentioned, you shouldn’t attempt to make repairs on your own unless you are fully aware of what you are doing. Otherwise, it’s highly likely that you will simply exacerbate the issue.

Insufficient RAM

This is a fairly rare issue, but it can still cause complications when it arises.

Sometimes, you may notice that your computer is performing far slower than normal. The most common scenario in which this occurs is with users who have installed an additional amount of RAM in order to accommodate intensive applications.

For instance, someone may have installed an extra 16 GB of RAM to their MacBook Pro to better handle video editing. If a problem were to occur internally with this extra RAM, the computer would only be able to utilize its base RAM instead.

This would cause a huge drop in performance compared to what the user is accustomed to.

Solving These Macbook Pro Problems Might Seem Difficult

However, it’s not nearly as competent as it seems. The above information will help make sure that any MacBook Pro problems you encounter are dealt with easily.

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