Why is React JS important for the User Interface?


The front-end choices that we have at our disposal are rapidly changing and with so many frameworks and libraries on offer, we sometimes might feel overwhelmed by the options. It has been noticed that entrepreneurs who want to take their business online have opted for Angular, but React Js has slowly been cementing its space in the realm of web development.

What is React Js?

React Js is a JavaScript library that is not only open-sourced and flexible but also scalable. It is ideal for building the frontend of simple and easily scalable web applications. Ever since its introduction it has been garnering popularity and today it is way ahead of angular according to the survey conducted by Stack Overflow.

Today more than 200,000 live websites are using React which includes some heavyweights like Netflix, Paypal, which has gone on to inspire confidence in React amongst other companies. You might wonder, if so many companies are steering towards React Js, they must be doing something right, right? This is primarily because of the benefits that follow when you use React Js.

What are the advantages of using React Js?

Once you have a better understanding of React Js, you will realise why it has created a special place in the equation of other front-end frameworks. Its benefits are:

  • Allows developers to build individual components on both client and server side, which speeds up the development process.
  • Its modular structure reduces the hassle of maintenance and keeps it flexible.
  • The core of the framework gives virtual DOM and server side rendering. This makes high-end, complex operations possible with React.
  • With a fundamental knowledge of JavaScript, any developer can deploy React.
  • What started out as a framework for web development has now been updated by Facebook to make the development of mobile applications possible.

Why should React Js be your first choice as a front-end framework?

1.  Easy to learn

Unlike Angular and Vue, React is a very easy framework to learn. This is one of the reasons why React has generated so much clout in such a short span of time. Businesses tend to stay away from things that take a long time to master.

2.  Enriched UI

React Js makes it possible to design User Interfaces that look good and are visually appealing. This is the reason why users might like your app and will perpetuate its sustenance.

3. Custom Components

React comes with an optional JSX syntax extension which allows you to write your own components. These components are compatible with HTML quoting.

4.  Component reusability

It allows developers to relaunch the same digital objects and a change in the code and logic of one component doesn’t affect the entire body of components. Each component has its own logic which allows for a simplistic maintenance process.

5. Fast Rendering

The problem with the DOM is its structure. It is hierarchically organised which means that the change in one component is going to create a domino effect on others and eventually affect the user interface. To deal with this problem React Js has virtual DOM which entails that if you make a change you can actually calculate the risks involved with that change. This makes sure that the performance of the application remains stable ensures better user experience.

6.  Good for people SEO goals

For online businesses the lesser time the website takes to load, the better it is for them. The fast rendering of React based websites gives it an efficient load time which enables businesses to rank higher in Google.

7.  Presence of a strong online community

Even though it is relatively new in comparison to something like Angular, it has got a strong community support. Everyday this community of developers are writing blogs, creating tutorials so that more people can adapt to React seamlessly. They are also making sure that there are opportunities for Q&As so that doubts can be cleared.

8. Stability of Code structure

React Js follows a model which ensures downward data flow. This means alternation of the child structure isn’t going to primarily affect the parent structure.

Today a React Js service is one of the most sought-after services. A lot of huge companies like Tencent QQ, Walmart, Tesla and AirBnb have made their apps using React Js.


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