Top 8 Ways to Increase Sales with Live Chat

Increase Sales

One of the most convenient ways to increase your sales is to use the live chat feature.

According to research, up to 63% of internet users are likely to return to a website that offers support through a live chat. The efficiency of this customer service method has made it reliable for business communication.

As a business, there’s a lot you need to do to ensure you get the best returns from a live chat. This article explores some expert techniques that will help you get the best out of it.

Here are the tips you need.

Personalize your Conversations

Adding a human touch to your online conversations will significantly increase your sales. Remember, chatting with customers doesn’t translate to engagement – making them feel you will help. Customers need to feel the genuineness in your chats and making them organic helps.

It would help if you addressed individual needs in every conversation. You’ll make crazy sales if customers can feel that you’re not selfish but caring about them too. One way to do this is by giving recommendations of products or services that you think could serve them better than what they inquired about.

Build Trust with Customers

Build Trust with Customers

You should ask yourself if your customers can trust your live chat. You risk losing sales if people that contact you through a live chat cannot trust you. One way to get over this is by branding your live chat. Your customers take what they see when they chat with you seriously.

Make sure your chat window looks like your website. It should have a logo and also show the brand colors that you use. Another vital thing is displaying your face and name on the customer’s chatbox. That way, they’ll know that you’re a real person and eventually trust you.

Avoid Common Communication Mistakes

Simple communication mistakes can cost you a potential customer. If you’re looking to succeed with your live chat, learn how to avoid the simple mistakes people make in everyday communication. For instance, your customers need working solutions whenever they reach out, so provide them.

You’ll have failed if you leave an issue unresolved. Or, another common mistake is lying when you’re not sure about what to say. Being honest and sure that you’ve satisfied your customer’s needs will help you make more sales. You should also be trustworthy and don’t leave the conversation before the customer.

Identify Pain Points

It is vital to remember that the conversation doesn’t end when the customer leaves the chat. Also, the people who chat with you but don’t convert also add value in some way. Every inquiry made through your live chat should be an opportunity to learn more about your business.

It would be best if you started digging backward on the live chats. Look at the concerns that your customers are raising and think about how you can improve on them. Understand the problems you’ve not addressed and begin crafting a strategy that will help you solve them and satisfy your customers.

Increase your Chat Box’s Visibility

A chat box that stands out helps a business to generate more leads and conversions. It would help if you did all you can to ensure that your chat box looks attractive and professional. An invisible chat box may not attract interactions, and thus, you should ensure people can see it quickly and leave a message for you.

As mentioned earlier, the best way to make a chatbox stand out is by using brand colors and other elements. The good news is that you can also find an AI chatbot that allows you to customize your chatbox. That makes it easy for customers to trust you even though they’re not chatting with a human.

Use Triggers to Spark Conversations

Triggers are a great way to kickstart communication with your site visitors. You can set your website to send trigger texts to clients who visit your site but do not take any action within a certain period. For instance, a customer views your product page and returns severally without purchasing.

One thing could be either your client doesn’t know the next steps to follow. Another could be because they know the steps, but they are undecided. The best thing to do here is to send them a trigger message. You should indicate that you can help them find what they’re looking for.

Train Your Chat Team

Train Your Chat Team

Website visitors will purchase from you if you’ve confidence in what you do. Train your chat team to ensure they understand your website perfectly and know your products well. Your customers will easily commit their time and money if they find you trustworthy.

Besides, it would be best to equip the team with soft skills such as friendliness and professionalism. They should also learn to be efficient and satisfactory with their answers.  A knowledgeable chat team can help you turn chat time into a profitable business. A little staff training will do the magic for your business.

Ensure Quick Responses

Website visitors do not have much time to wait for a response. Failure to respond within their wait time will see them click away from your site and move to your closest competitor. Thus, you must have a standby team working 24/7 to answer customer questions promptly.

The ideal waiting time for many people will be around 2 minutes or less. You should ensure that your team responds quickly and provides the customers with real value. The faster you respond, the longer you can keep the client and the higher chance of closing a deal with them.


Increasing conversions isn’t easy for any business. That is why you should ensure that you squeeze the most out of every opportunity to engage your audience. Live chat is a great technique that many businesses are embracing worldwide.

You can implement a few or all of the tactics we have mentioned in this article to get the best. Besides, you should identify your strengths and weaknesses to know the areas that need improvement.


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