For the longest time, Facebook has been the go-to social media platform for many brands and businesses. Most giant organizations and corporations have a Facebook page where their customers can subscribe and stay updated. It’s also a great place to advertise via promotional videos. You can make mesmerizing video content with this free video maker.

In addition to big corporations, small businesses also take advantage of the way Facebook is set up. You can easily communicate with your customers and answer their inquiries. When you create a Facebook page, you can personalize responses to questions asked by your customers via your page. This helps avoid answering repetitive questions.

If you’re part of a brand that mainly focuses on selling products, familiarize yourself with this social media platform. Otherwise, you risk losing out on many opportunities that come with it. Here’s a list of why it’s a good idea to market your product on Facebook.

It’s Easy To Spread

This is perhaps one of the most obvious reasons why it’s always a good idea to market on Facebook. Any post you make can be seen by literally anyone around the world. It doesn’t matter if they’re in a different country, they can still watch your promotional video. Right off the bat, you can see just how powerful this can be for a business.

Furthermore, Facebook is equipped with a search box. Just like a free video maker or search engine you can simply type in what you’re looking for. The social media site will reveal all the posts that are related to your search inquiry. Use this to your advantage and make sure you add tags and keywords when you upload videos.

There Are Millions Of People On Facebook

People on Facebook

If the frequency of sharing does not entice you to promote here, then maybe the number of users will. Statistics show that there are roughly 2.7 billion active users on Facebook as of the first quarter of 2021. And most of these people spend quite some time on the platform as well. While you won’t really be able to reach all of them, even a fraction of that number is game-changing.

So you have millions of people gathered in a single social media website, the challenge now is how to get them to watch your videos. There are many different ways you can go about gathering viewership, but one of the quickest ways is by the algorithm. Facebook’s exact algorithm isn’t really available to the public but the idea is to keep your posts relevant to people.

This Platform Allows Uploading in HD

It’s no secret that Facebook has already introduced a 4k option. It’s currently the best resolution you can upload a post in. Don’t worry if your Facebook page or account doesn’t have it yet as only specific devices can play videos in 4k resolution. Just go for 2k HD quality as it’s the next best option and will still keep your videos crisp and clear.

A free video maker such as promo allows a user to export in different qualities. Make sure that you match your Facebook upload with the export quality. Your audience will appreciate the high-quality videos plus you might get a share out of it. Make use of free video maker apps as they have high-resolution stock videos you can use to create video content.

It’s The Number One Social Media Site

Facebook is widely considered the most popular social media site available today. In fact, there are millions of new accounts every day. Numbers don’t lie, and the sheer amount of people on Facebook is a good enough reason to market here.

Other popular social media sites are also a great place to start advertising video content. But what sets Facebook apart is the interface. You can do so much on Facebook, even the news feed feature is so interactive. Marketers often target Facebook first as it has the most diverse internet culture compared to other sites.

It Has Different Plans for Ads

We won’t go into detail about how much each advertisement plan costs, but there are a lot of options. As a marketer for your brand, you have to work with a budget. Luckily for you, Facebook offers a bunch of different pricing plans so you can adjust your budget accordingly. Choose the plan that gives you enough breathing room in terms of costs.

Now before you write off paid ads, think about this. The average person is heavily influenced by social media when making a decision like buying a product. This means that the extra visibility paid ads can give your product can mean more customers. Combined with free video maker tools and their templates, this is a cost-effective strategy that is sure to boost your business.

Facebook Analytics is Useful

Facebook Analytics is Useful

Let’s say you have got your promotional video posted on your page. All you need now is a way to measure if it’s doing well. Facebook does a great job of providing its users with the analytics of a certain post or the page itself. With this information, you can easily decide what your next step will be in terms of marketing.

Moreover, this feature provides insight as to how many people are actually engaging with your posts. At no extra cost whatsoever, an admin of a page can easily access these analytics via a dashboard. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Is it necessary to market my product on Facebook?

It’s not a requirement to market on just one specific social media site. You can advertise on all of them- or none at all. But the benefits of marketing on a free platform that millions of users visit are just too hard to ignore.

Parting Words On Free Video Maker

A free video maker is a great tool to use along with social media sites. These programs are designed to make quality videos that will fit well with any of these platforms. From social media templates to the actual size of your videos, this video maker has got you covered.


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