10 types of videos that boost your business

Video marketing is gaining enormous popularity, especially for B2B and B2C companies, and there are good reasons for this. It is estimated that approximately 82% of online traffic will come from video content by 2022.

Despite these figures, some brands still do not use videos in their marketing strategy. This is because they think that video marketing is costly and do not have the skills and knowledge to produce high-quality videos.

If you are also among these brands, know that you can use a Vlogr – Collaborative Video Editor to create videos completely free of charge without experience in creating and editing videos. Yes, it is absolutely possible! So what are you waiting for?

10 types of videos

Learn about the 10 types of videos that can help your business reach new heights of success and engage your audience like never before.

1. Explanatory videos

Explanatory videos are perfect for educating shoppers about products and services in the early stages of their shopping journey. These videos can be used to illustrate why they need a specific product or service, generate leads, and nurture potential consumers.

These videos are also known as how-to videos and are very helpful in explaining complicated products and services in detail. They are also suitable for increasing brand recognition to the highest level.

These videos are basically a high-level view of how a specific product solves a problem. As they are high-level content, these videos are not required to demonstrate that the original service or product is valuable. This means that animation would be the perfect style for these types of videos.

2. Product videos

Product Videos are very similar to Product Explanation Videos in that they explain a product and its use in detail. However, product videos also effectively increase the time a visitor spends on a business website. Therefore, these videos have a better chance of converting viewers into loyal buyers.

They are used to show the benefits and features of a product. They usually include details about the operation of a product and, at the same time, attract the audience.

3.  Instruction videos

These types of videos take online shoppers from the product discovery phase to the true essence of what they can expect from a company or product. They are also some of the most popular videos for companies that explain how to do a certain thing to viewers.

They are a kind of step-by-step tutorials that guide customers in the use of a product. They are both informative and entertaining. These videos give good results since the questions are quite frequent in the main search engines. They are visual content that is directed to search engine queries and, therefore, one of the best ways to appear in search results.

4. Educational videos

These videos are one of the best ways for companies to get out there as they provide complete details on how to tackle a particular problem using a product. Different content formats can be used to create these types of videos.

These include whiteboard videos, webinars, and live-action videos. The reason consumers find these videos interesting is that they are informative and short. They are one of the best ways for companies to start building a long-term relationship with their audience.

5. Presentation videos

These are commercial mini-videos to get as many clicks as possible. They are also called promotional videos, and they are made to attract people and create the necessary buzz.

Teaser videos go a long way towards building brand awareness and generating traffic. It is best to use them for webinars and event campaigns. They contain helpful information in a short format and duration. These videos should be engaging, action-oriented and sensational at the same time.

6.  Entertainment videos

You should know that online audiences are in love with snackable and short content as a business. This format is best applied to entertainment videos that will inspire audiences and also make them laugh such as making an interesting introduction video using Intro Maker software.

However, if you want these videos to work, you need to make sure you know your target audience very well. Only when you have a clear understanding of your target audience, will it be easier for you to create videos that they enjoy watching.

7.  Testimonial videos

Customer stories or case study videos play an essential role in enhancing brand awareness. These videos can include persuasive interviews with a company’s customers who share their experiences and success stories using its products.

People who watch these videos are aware that they contain interviews from trusted clients. Thus, they gain the confidence to buy the products and services they need from that particular brand.

8.  Webinars

Perfect for educating potential consumers about industry-related issues, guiding leads, and generating leads, webinars and even recorded webinars serve as the ideal stepping stones on the buyer’s buying journey.

9. Demo videos

Product demo videos often revolve around the product. They do not offer an overview of the product. On the contrary, they are detailed videos of the product itself intended to make it known.

They highlight almost all or most of a product’s features and even include use cases. They can also serve as guides showing the process of unboxing a product.

10. Videos for social networks

Last but not least, these are the most significant types of videos that deliver great results for businesses. They are very useful for raising awareness of the brand and driving traffic to a company’s website.

These videos are created to be shared on different platforms such as Twitter, Linked In, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Since social media platforms are widely used by people all over the world, these videos are the biggest bang for the buck.

It’s time to create the best videos

In conclusion, the videos mentioned above and other types of videos play an essential role in putting a brand at the forefront. Made with great effort and time, well-presented videos to potential buyers are sure to give the best results.


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