Full-Stack vs Android Developer: What Should You Choose in 2022?

Android Developer

Full-stack development and android development are the most promising fields in today’s market. These two fields require different skills, different sectors as well as different levels of difficulties, opportunities, career options etc. Even if you run a business, you can hire full stack and android developers to make your business successful by standing out in the market. 

Now you must be confused about what to choose between full-stack development and android development in 2022. Do not worry. We will share some of the similarities and differences between these two to help you choose one of them efficiently. First, you have to know about full-stack development and android development to clear all of your doubts. 

Full Stack Development:- Full-stack developers usually take care of all the development features of web applications. From coding and debugging to designing, full-stack developers do it all. 

   As a web developer, full-stack developers learn different programming languages related to websites and web applications, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and so on.

        Web developers work behind making the websites beautiful, well performed and user satisfied.

The Web Development field can be divided into three parts-

  • Front end Development
  • Back end Development
  • Full-stack Development

Now try to understand a little bit about these three parts.

  • Front End Development:- Front end developers use HTML, CSS, JavaScript. They have the responsibility to create engaging websites so that people can easily interact with them.
  • Back End Development:- Back end development is a development that uses technology to create a website. The developer must use the programming language and be responsible for the structure of the websites. 
  • Full Stack Development:- Full-stack developers have to perform both duties i.e front end development and backend development. Get Best Full stack developers have to work with the server-side which is the back end as well as the client-side which is the front end.

Now we will share a few examples of full-stack development like Canva, an E-commerce store.

Now let’s take a look into android development. 

Android Development:- 

Android development is the development of a system for an android device. It creates mobile apps for smartphones.

       To create mobile apps, the developer first learns various programming languages. They have to learn how to make the app. That is why they have to learn about android operating systems to create the app.

Mobile development is a very vast field. It has many branches too. But android developers mainly focus on native app development. So we will discuss a little bit about this 

  • Native App Development:- Native app development is the development of a mobile app for a specific platform or a particular device. Android development mainly uses this branch of mobile development.  

Example of Android development: WhatsApp, Instagram.

There are similarities between full-stack development and android development

  • Full-stack developers and android developers both have to learn multiple programming languages.
  • These two fields are emerging fields. So if you want to do development, both the career options have the bright side and job opportunity and if you are competent enough then you can get a good salary.

Now, let us understand the difference between full-stack development and android development. 

  •  Both the development requires multiple programming languages. Besides this, full-stack development is easier to develop than android apps development.

            You must be thinking that full-stack development has both front end and back end development. Right, full-stack developers have to learn the front end and back end development programming languages. That is more than Android development programming languages. Besides this, android development is the toughest one because the developer must master what programming languages they learn.

  •   Full-stack developers have to learn the following programming languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, angular,react,node.js and many others.                                                      On the other hand, android developers have to learn below programming languages: Java,c++,c# and many more.
  • Full-stack developers manage different aspects of a website. They are free to work for different devices as all devices support browsers. They get the utmost freedom and liberty. They are also aware of all features of web development. Hence, they can control web designing and server management simultaneously. 

          But Android developers have to focus only on the specific device.

          Full-stack developers can get a chance to work with a wide range of projects. But Android developers have a restriction when it comes to versatility.

  • Because of the easier programming language, full-stack development has than android development and the great versatility full-stack development has, full-stack development is a rising star. For this reason, the developer gets a good salary and because of the wide range of work, the demand for full-stack developers is high.     

             On the other hand, android development faces restrictions, so there are fewer developers. Now there is a lack of competent employees, so now android development also is a good career option.

  • In India, salary is the free wreck visit for choosing a particular job. So, you should have an idea about the salary of a full-stack developer and web developer. For full-stack developers, it ranges from 5 LPA to about 25 LPA in our country. When it comes to android development, the salary is approximately the same with some variation here and there as in any field very niche and specialized workers are paid more for as they are in need. 

However, selecting developers for your website and application can be difficult for you. So, you can contact us. We will help you to hire dedicated android app developers. They will help you to build your website and web applications to make your business successful. 


Now if you came to this point of this article, hope you get a clear idea of what to choose between these two. With the above-discussed topic, full-stack development is a better option rather than android development.

But, whether you take full stack development or android development, you have to be creative, responsible, happy and capable in your field. So all the best for your future from us.

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