The World’s Top 5 Most Beautiful Flower Gardens!!!


Gardens are nice places to visit, everyone loves walking around them. A nice getaway from the routine of everyday life is a welcome change. Gardens are a collection of very specific landscapes that come from a variety of different sources, ranging from cultures and traditions to the specific environments and geographic locations. So, do you see how essential it is to include gardens in your travels when you go abroad? It’s nice to see that a new blog has been added to the collection. Gain first-hand knowledge about the world’s top 5 and you can send flowers to mumbai.

List of Top five gardens in the world that will blow your mind with its beauty and with different types of flowers in them.

Gardens of Versailles, France

This massive park, located to the west of the Palace of Versailles, spans about 2,000 acres. The present layout of the garden of Versailles, which spans 800 hectares, was planned by gardener Andre Le Notre. The outstanding example of formal French garden design is the gardens of Versailles. There are 300 hectares of woodland, hundreds of acres of flower beds, 35 kilometres of canals, 373 sculptures, and 600 fountains on the property. Flowers, monuments, and fountains from the reign of Louis XIV may be seen on the grounds. Both the palace and the garden of Versailles have been designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Keukenhof, Lisse, Netherlands

Keukenhof is one of the world’s biggest flower gardens, covering 80 acres. All of this requires a large number of bulbs – around 7 million are planted each year for a beautiful spring bloom (the garden is only open between March and May). The garden lies in the city of Lisse, which is in the western Netherlands. The ‘Garden of Europe’ is another name for it. Only in the spring, from late March to late May, are the Keukenhof Gardens available to the public. During this season, the garden blooms with millions of tulip blossoms. There are also daffodils, bluebells, and hyacinths among the gorgeous tulip bulbs. In addition, the park hosts the world’s biggest lily display.

Dubai Miracle Garden

The moniker “wonder garden” well captures the appearance of this floral garden in Dubai. One of the world’s biggest and most stunning flower gardens, the Miracle Garden is a real piece of art. The Miracle Garden has more than 72 thousand square metres of land. There are over 150 million flowers in this garden, which are arranged in a variety of ways. Every day, the appearance of this lovely garden varies, providing tourists with a fresh and unique travel experience. Visitors may enjoy the stunning nature of this garden from mid-November to mid-May when it is available to the public.

Giardini Botanici Villa Taranto, Piedmont, Italy

The Giardini Botanici Villa Taranto is a 16-hectare botanical garden in the Piedmont area of northern Italy. Surprisingly, there is no entrance charge at Villa Taranto’s beautiful botanical gardens. A 4.3-mile pathway runs through this free visitor attraction. This botanical park includes around 20,000 distinct plant kinds representing thousands of different species. There is a wide variety of tropical plants, including lotus, tulip, dahlias, magnolias, camellias, and heather. In addition, Giardini Botanici has Italian-style sculptures, ceilings, waterfalls, ponds, and fountains.

Lodhi Gardens, Delhi

Lodhi Garden, located in the tumultuous centre of Delhi, provides tourists with a taste of heaven. Lodhi Garden is a favourite stop for people looking for a calm respite, but it also houses some of the city’s most important architectural landmarks. Many of the Sayyid and Lodhi kings’ mausoleums, which date back to the early 15th century and include the great dome and the glass dome, are surrounded by vegetation. The park’s garden lake, which is bridged by the arched Athapula bridge, is another must-see for tourists.

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