Onboarding Mumbai to Pune Flight: A Quick Hop Between Maharashtra’s Biggest Cities


Located just 120 km (75 miles) apart, Mumbai and Pune are the largest cities in Maharashtra and key business hubs of western India. Countless locals and visitors travel between the two metropolises regularly for jobs, family visits, and weekend getaways in the nearby hill stations. With highly scheduled airline and rail routes connecting the cities, getting from Mumbai to Pune flight is simple, quick, and convenient, no matter how you plan to travel.

Overview of Airports and Airlines

Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (BOM) serves as the major international and domestic hub for the region. In comparison, Pune Airport (PNQ) is much smaller but still handles significant national air traffic.

Air India, IndiGo, Go First, and Vistara all operate daily nonstop flights on the popular Mumbai to Pune air corridor. The short 40-60-minute journeys allow flexibility for day trips or weekend family visits.

These airlines primarily use Airbus A320 and Boeing 737 aircraft featuring comfortable economy-class cabins. Select airlines also offer business class and fast-track security for additional fees.

Booking Recommendations

With frequent daily flights, reasonable pricing, and short journey times, flight booking from Mumbai to Pune is fairly straightforward. However, keep these tips in mind:

  • Book early for lowest fares: As expected, tickets tend to run cheaper when reserved 60-90 days out.
  • Check alternate airports: Flying out of Pune instead of Mumbai sometimes has lower pricing. The route is equidistant.
  • Compare rail options – For sheer flexibility and frequency, trains are hard to beat. Air travel saves more than 2 hours of travel time.
  • Watch for sales – Sign up for airline emails and social media to receive alerts for periodic sales and promos.

Overall, though, airfares usually run just ₹1500-4000, making flight costs quite reasonable, especially when booked wisely in advance.

Best Time for Travel Between the Cities

Mumbai and Pune both feature similar tropical wet and dry climates. The cooler, dryer months from November to February see peak tourism for both destinations and fewer flight delays or cancellations. However, the short hop between cities makes flying convenient year-round.

Monsoon storms roll across Maharashtra from June through September, sometimes interfering with travel plans. Visiting in October offers glimpses of lush green hillsides, too, before the winter dry-out sets in.

Whenever visiting friends and family or taking a quick business trip, the flight connection keeps you out of torrential downpours. Pack a light sweater, though, since even tropical Pune averages cooler temperatures than steamy Mumbai year-round.

Exploring Pune’s Rich History and Vibrant Culture

Founded along the Mutha River by the Maratha Empire, Pune brims with heritage sites spotlighting its pivotal role in Indian history. The laid-back university city also boasts blossoming business sectors, making it Mumbai’s top competitor in the tech and services industries.

With temperate weather up in the hills, Pune serves as the perfect quick getaway for Mumbaikars to recharge as well. Top attractions include:

  • Aga Khan Palace: This historic monument museum provides insights into India’s independence movement and Mahatma Gandhi’s influential teachings.
  • Shaniwar Wada Fort: Constructed in 1730, these imposing palace ruins host dazzling night sound and light shows recounting stories of the Maratha rulers.
  • Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park: Families delight in spotting exotic Asiatic lions, tigers, and Indian elephants roaming wide enclosures modelled after their natural habitats.
  • Pataleshwar Cave Temples: Carved out of a single massive basalt boulder in the 8th century, this fascinating underground shrine holds revered lingam shrines linked by dim passageways.
  • Osho Ashram: Find serenity and meaning through meditation, spa treatments, spiritual discourses, and more within these zen-like tranquil grounds.


Pune tempts with its refreshing blend of historical insights, cultural attractions, rejuvenating green spaces, and focus on mindfulness as well. The quick Mumbai to Pune flight allows you to immerse in this richness during even brief weekend or holiday visits.


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