4 Tips to Custom A Perfect T-shirt For Your Boyfriend

T-shirts are an indispensable item in every guy’s wardrobe because they are simple, dynamic, always on-trend, and combined with many types of clothes. Such a must-have item that associates with your girlfriend’s romantic feelings will definitely be the best gift a guy can wish for. And that’s why an Online custom T-shirt for men was born, helping every girl, even low tech, easily design a beautiful and meaningful T-shirt for her boyfriend. Read the article below to see 4 tips to keep in mind when designing a t-shirt for your lover!

1. A quick guide to choosing the style

When it comes to picking a T-shirt, you may make the mistake of thinking that all T-shirts are the same, “hundreds of them are one.” However, reality proves quite the opposite; a simple T-shirt can ultimately become a deadly fashion weapon with just a few minor changes. There are numerous types of t-shirts available, such as eminem shirt, snoop dogg shirt, and dr dre shirt, if you enjoy trying new types of t-shirts.

The two most popular types of T-shirts today are round-neck and V-neck. If your boyfriend is a little skinny, just choose a round-neck T-shirt for him. This design will make your guy look fuller and more prominent.

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On the contrary, if your boyfriend has a solid, slightly plump body, a V-neck one will be a perfect choice.

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However, the most important thing is still choosing the right size T-shirt for the wearer. Make sure that the shirt is not too tight on the waist and belly, and the sleeves are loose or tight depending on the wearer’s preference and how to combine them with pants.

You should know his  weight and measurements, then use the size conversion table on RareCustom to choose the right T-shirt size.

2. Choose a shirt color that matches his skin tone.

The golden rule when choosing a t-shirt is to consider skin tone. If your boyfriend is a light-skinned person, this is a pretty simple job as he can match most colors. All you need to do is choose a shirt in his favorite color.

However, if your lover has dark skin, this is a much more difficult job. The suggestion is choosing T-shirts with cool tones that will suit and help his face look brighter!

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3. Choose a Quality Print

The worst that can happen to a custom T-shirt is a smudged, broken, or damaged image after washing. The cause of this is carelessness in choosing a printer, leading to low-quality ink colors and technology used in the printing process, along with cheap T-shirts, bad fabric, causing the image to not achieve the expected result.

Some printers, like the Prestige XL2 DTF printer, have great quality while others may contribute to these issues due to inferior ink and technology.

To avoid this situation, consider carefully when choosing a printer. This can be laborious and time-consuming as you need to go to every printer page, read the feedback, contact the printer for advice, and check their quality. So that you can cut out all the tedious steps mentioned above and focus on creativity, RareCustom will take care of contacting and choosing a printer. Our partner printers always make sure to bring you the shirt with the sharpest print, the best quality fabric at the most affordable price.

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4.     Be his stylist and help him match t-shirts with the right accessories

T-shirts are a staple in every guy’s wardrobe because they are highly versatile. Young, dynamic or elegant, mature -T-shirts can match all styles, so slotting them into several outfits shouldn’t be difficult. If your companion is spiritual, the best Christian t-shirts are the nicest gift you can give him.

A significant male fashion icon is James Dean, and his favorite fashion friend was the white T-shirt. And he wears it with anything. Jeans, a suit, corduroy kecks, and even joggers, its simplicity is suited to every style and occasion. Dean is always optional to style it with jeans, tucked in at the waist and slightly baggier in fit. This mainstay item was definitely a contributor to his incredible reputation.

[Picture Online-custom-t-shirt-for-men-5]

Your boyfriend may not have his body, but cleverly combining T-shirts with other outfits will “level up” his look a lot.


Giving your boyfriend a custom T-shirt is not simply giving a shirt, but it’s also hours of research, effort, learning about an online custom T-shirt for men, and trying your best to design the best one. It is no longer a shirt but a part of the soul, the sincere love put into each word, image, and detail. And we hope that, with advanced technology and exclusive creative tools, RareCustom can become a companion to help you give love to your loved one.

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