In this evolved digital era, electronic devices, be it a cellphone, laptop, desktop, cassettes, storage devices, copiers, or tablets, etc. have become a part of our day-to-day existence. With access to the newest operating systems and technology just around the corner and an abundance of affordable electronic gadgets, the most frequent thought that crosses our minds is, “What to do with old, worn-out IT assets?”

They last a long time before they wear out in our use. After that, we discard them. However, we must make sure that they are completely wiped because they hold sensitive data, preventing it from falling into the wrong hands.

Above all else, you must make sure that the disposal is eco-friendly. The argument being that it will contribute to maintaining an e-waste-free environment.

Let’s now examine the ways for destroying IT assets in more depth.


  • A technique for physically destroying the IT asset (s)
  • Enables the destruction of data using a drive sledgehammer or another sort of smashes, bends, and breaks the object
  • Guarantees no recovery

It’s a quick way to get rid of things, but it’s not really environmentally friendly. The issue is because it leaves behind big chunks of metal waste. When a device has reached its limits and cannot be utilised any further, it should be used in those circumstances. It renders the device worthless, which is the reason.


  • Magnets with a strong magnetic field and high precision
  • Effective ways to destroy data
  • Ensures complete data erasure from multiple discs
  • Alignment of neutralised, magnetic particles
  • Creates a magnetic signature that destroys the stored data
  • Ideal for high-security data destruction

Another straightforward technique to delete data without physically harming the device. This allows for the device’s reuse. Fortunately, this approach is environmentally beneficial. There is no way to restore the data because it is just erased. It is, however, a bit pricey and so not appropriate for a single unit.


  • Data destruction and deletion process that is impressive
  • Just repeatedly overwrite each sector of the drive.
  • Does not allow for recuperation

It takes a while and is expensive. To verify that data is destroyed via overwriting, employ a data erasure tool that follows the correct procedure.

Thankfully, it also complies with environmental regulations and ensures total data erasure. However, it is a little on the pricey side, making it a less than ideal choice for a single drive.

The methods mentioned above do, in fact, guarantee data destruction, but they also have drawbacks. Degaussing and overwriting are certainly environmentally friendly, but they are still costly. So, this alternate solution is your greatest bet if you’re looking for a strategy that’s economical and environmentally friendly at the same time.

A Different Approach: BitRaser, a Perfect Solution for Eco-Friendly Data Eraser approach

The BitRaser is the epitome of form and function, coming from the home of industry leaders, Stellar Data Recovery, with over 23 years of experience in this particular area. The traceable reporting and internal and external company audit requirements are addressed by this eco-friendly approach of data deletion and destruction.

You can easily carry out stand-alone data erasure and high-speed bulk data erasure with this efficient data erasing professional tool, and you can do so in an ecologically friendly way as well.

Why Do You Pick BitRaser?

  • Securely deletes sensitive data from SSDs and HDDs on PC, Mac, and servers so that it cannot be recovered.
  • Allows for the creation of users, the management of licence distribution, and the upkeep of a central repository for reports and certificates.
  • Supports 24 international erasure standards, including DoD 3 & 7 Passes, HMG, etc., in addition to the NIST 800-88 standard.
  • Utilize the cloud to wipe drives at numerous locations with internet access around the world, or select the offline option to wipe drives at regions without internet.
  • Certificates that are 100 percent tamper-proof and guarantee adherence to numerous national and international data protection laws.
  • Enables the customization of the erasure process in accordance with global erasure standards. Automates the erasure process across IT assets.
  • Provides the option to customise and store erasure reports for audit trails in formats including PDF, CSV, and XML.
  • Licenses for the BitRaser Drive Eraser don’t end unless they’re used up. Sanitize your data permanently without worrying about licence expiration.

Software that protects privacy is automated and doesn’t require manual input. With the aid of this software, you can safely and environmentally friendly wipe your data with ease.

What Are the Benefits of the Stellar BitRaser Solution?

  • From the start through the end of the life cycle of IT assets, you acquire credibility and uniformity.
  • You receive assurance that your sensitive information is secure and safe, meaning it has not been compromised in any way.
  • You are given the reassurance that it is disposed of safely and not in a harmful way.

BitRaser is the foolproof solution because it not only aids in secure and environmentally friendly data erasure but also in quick, simple, and trustworthy data destruction. You can quickly ensure that there has been no data compromise if you have this software in your hands. You can put an end to all of your concerns about data loss and compromise now that you are aware of the best procedures to destroy your data in an environmentally friendly way.