The beauty industry has been ever-evolving, and it won’t be wrong to admit that it’s challenging to keep up with the latest updates. Adding to it, we can’t simply overlook how there’s always something new in the market regarding improved beauty standards. 

But the question is, how many of them do we have an idea about? 

Continue reading as this blog explores the latest developments in the field of the beauty industry. Here are some trends that will move beyond your beauty forms

Beauty Trends That Are Revamping The Industry

  • Skincare customized for your DNA.

The truth is that our genes significantly affect how we age. Besides, it also adds to the propensity for pigmentation and sensitivity, not forget environmental circumstances also play a significant role. 

Because of this, many cosmetic companies are utilizing DNA-based skincare, which creates customized goods based on your genetic profile. One of the beauty standards companies has already started the process. All you have to do is send in a sample of your DNA. A sophisticated online test will gather information about your genetic makeup, evaluate DNA variances, and turn that knowledge into a personalized skincare regimen.

  • Body contouring

Reports suggest that traditional body contouring is still a conventional method used by up to 35% of people. However, non-invasive treatments are predicted to overtake surgical methods for consumers seeking comparable results. 

Today, technologies like Cutera’s truSculpt flex+ muscle-sculpting have taken over the entire process. As a result, it has been improved with a 15-minute, no-downtime treatment that can target eight locations at once and provide results in as little as six weeks.

  • Gender-fluid makeup could be a possibility.

In recent years, the internet has embraced diversity and urged users to express themselves freely. Gender-fluid cosmetics will thus be a significant beauty trend to watch out for in 2022-23, with businesses quickly catching up. 

Brands like FAE Beauty have already demonstrated that they are doing their share to make sure that all genders may utilize their products. This will benefit not just the LGBTQIA+ community but also the beauty business as they broaden their eyes to include everyone.

  • Glossy lips could be a greater deal

You can never have too much gloss on your lips. Therefore glossy lips are a fashion trend to look out for in the coming years. It’s a straightforward trend that requires little effort; not to forget, it also gives you great insta-worthy images. 

You can opt to wear the lipgloss alone or even over lipstick and look stunning in any case. You can pull off this look using lip gloss from various manufacturers. Get to glossing, then.

  • We could see more pastel eyebrows

Soft, delicate hues are referred to as pastels and are attractive in many forms. A beauty trend to look out for in the coming years was destined to include pastel colors, as the Pantone color of the year for 2022 is a pastel-like hue. 

This look is stunning on any skin tone and makes your eyes sparkle in addition to seeming entertaining. You may be dramatic by adding numerous layers to build up the color, or you can be delicate by using just one light layer.

  • Smart hairbrushes might make things easy.

We all comb our hair, but smart brushes are becoming more popular as fewer people visited hair salons in the previous two years, and more individuals were concerned with how they appeared online. Smart brushes include sensors that can detect split ends and breakage and even gauge hair quality and frizz.

An intelligent brush is designed to recognize the proper brushing patterns and strokes based on the condition of your hair, utilizing the vibration and movement ideal for your hair to prevent further damage.

  • Transparent & clean skincare

According to surveys, skincare companies that promote ingredient transparency are growing in popularity. Sustainable and biodegradable statements must now be made; they are no longer optional. Customers want to know what’s in the things they buy. 

Companies are now under increased pressure to develop more environmentally friendly formulae through packaging, formulations, or carbon footprint reduction.

  • Wellness fragrances could be a thing.

The fragrance business is moving away from the old belief that we wear smells to make ourselves smell good to others and toward focusing on the individual. Furthermore, these “health perfumes” attempt to alter mood more profoundly than merely aromatherapy.

Are You Ready For The Revolution?

With the beauty industry moving towards new trends, it’s time to move to a new age of re-defined cosmetic experience. Besides, who knows, we might even witness a new era of body modifications where a tattoo consent form would be a secondary requirement.