Memes and the Modern Society: Some Intriguing Facts

A shot of a group of students laughing and talking while eating lunch at university in Perth, Australia.

Who doesn’t want to start his day with a good laugh? You wake up in the morning and pick up your phone out of habit, and are sure to come across some memes which will put a smile on your face. Any person, who is not from a prehistoric age, must have come across memes sometime or the other in social media. In this modern world, memes play a pivotal role. Let us see how?

A Satirical Tool

As days are progressing, the popularity of memes is increasing too. It has evolved as a strong form of media for people to put forth their thoughts and opinions on various issues. Some are serious, some are trivial. Its hilarious portrayal makes it unique. A satirical tool like this can be used to bring about a mammoth change in our present society without having to hurt anyone’s beliefs or sentiments. It would be partially wrong to say that memes ‘could be used’; rather people are already using them to bring change by influencing people’s opinions.

Covers Anything and Everything

Memes don’t focus on a particular genre. They can be used to address any issue on this earth. It can be societal ills, political agendas, rigid societal norms, sports news, stating general facts, etc. You can visit Meme Scout to get a clear notion about the popularly of chosen topics for memes.

Wide Appeal of Video Memes

In the initial internet days, memes were usually made from cartoons, poems, advertisements, or famous Hollywood scores. Everyone would likely remember the Dancing Baby meme which was quite the internet thing circulated through mails in the mid-nineties. But long gone are those days where only images and texts were used to make memes. Video memes are being circulated in a great number daily because of their wide appeal. You can never go wrong with what you want the people to understand with a video meme.

Helps to Unwind

Often, we get distressed by the troubling news flashed in the media. To distract our minds from such disturbing things, one can easily resort to viewing memes. They are free for everyone. So, anyone can have access to them. Browsing through memes can lift your mood. Their humorous nature makes them acceptable to all.

Easy to Create

Any Tom, Dick, or Harry can make a meme. With a few clicks of your computer buttons, memes can be generated. Various apps nowadays have made the task even easier. You can consider it to be art also. But unlike other art forms, expenses involved in this process is negligible.

Darker Side

These memes have a negative side too. Sometimes they can harm a person’s mental health leading to stress and anxiety issues. If a meme is made on a particular company to bring out the malpractices it may be exercising, then it can in turn make the employees of the company anxious about their present career. Again, these issues are also converted into memes to highlight their darker aspects.


Like many other internet things of the present day, memes too possess pros and cons. It solely depends on us how to take it. We should have a realistic bend of mind to enjoy the satirical nature of the content and derive pleasure out of it.


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