How to Earning Money with YouTube in 2021

In recent years, YouTube has developed into the point of contact for all people who want to earn money with videos on the Internet. Whether you benefit directly from the films or want to bring more people to your homepage through the videos, YouTube is the ideal platform. However, the many success stories of YouTube stars hide the fact that it is not that easy to be successful on the portal. If you want to make money on YouTube, there are a few things to watch out for.

Produce the right content

Before you start your career as a YouTuber, there are a few basic things to clarify. In the first step, you have to look for a topic about which you want to create videos and films. If you already have a thematically suitable website, then it is logical that its topic provides the basis for the videos. For example, a blog about movies benefits from videos where you post reviews about movies.

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In general, you can be guided by a few success factors on YouTube when searching for a topic. For example, humorous videos or films that explain certain topics are very successful. Tutorials are also very popular but require relevant specialist knowledge.

Once you have found your topic, the next step is to put it into practice. From a purely technical point of view, all you need is a camera, a microphone, an editing program, and you’re ready to go. The implementation, on the other hand, is not that easy and is a key factor. Basically, you should make sure that your videos don’t get too long. In almost 60 percent of all films on YouTube, the viewer breaks off after two minutes, although very long videos in particular have a deterrent effect in advance. In addition, a few other things can affect the success of your videos. So you should pay attention to the following things when creating:

– Speak as freely as possible and avoid text overlays or clips

– pay attention in a relaxed and humorous way, do not be too serious

– ensure high technical quality, upload videos in high resolution

– follow the rules of YouTube.

Earning money with your YouTube videos: affiliate programs

Once you have found your topic and your style, you will soon be able to welcome some viewers to your channel. However, you haven’t made any money with it yet. To do this, you must first apply to YouTube in the affiliate program. If you are accepted by the company, then each of your videos will be advertised, and you will receive a percentage of the income. However, you have to be a regular uploader and keep uploading new videos in order to be accepted in the affiliate program. At the same time, continuous uploading is the key to generating regular income.

If you are not eligible for the affiliate program, you can still earn money yourself with advertising links. Many companies and providers on the net offer affiliate programs and pay for the distribution of links. Such links can easily be integrated into a YouTube video and can be profitable. For most people, however, it remains more of a hobby, and sales are generated more via the affiliate programs than via the YouTube affiliate program.

Targeted product reviews to earn money with product experiences

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, and many people look for experiences on different products on YouTube. People interested in product reviews are usually interested in buying if the product is actually good. YouTube videos appear prominently in the search results of Google and everyone who, like me, has dealt with search engine optimization for over ten years, knows what an enormous source of visitors Google is.

What kind of tools do you need to record a good video?

All you need to start is the free tool called RecordCast screen recorder. You can use it to film your screen and, at the same time, comment on the whole thing in a relaxed manner. At the same time, the YouTube viewers can see you in a small window.

You have created your video, now you upload it and choose a suitable title, descriptive text, and a few relevant search terms to make it easier to find on YouTube and Google. Besides, make sure to put your affiliate link clearly visible in your video description so that the product is bought through you.

Achieve higher awareness with your own YouTube videos = more sales

To be successful on YouTube, it is very important to stand out from the crowd. Today, in particular, millions of videos are uploaded to the portal every day. Good viewership figures are therefore only possible if you promote your videos accordingly. You can use some useful tools for this purpose.

– post the links to your videos on well-known social networks like Facebook or Twitter

– ask your viewers to share your videos as well

– upload new videos regularly and often to create more content for your viewers

– find other YouTubers and join one Partnership in which you promote each other, like each other and leave comments on the partner’s page

– use multiple YouTube accounts to like your videos and rate them positively (be careful! Exaggeration can lead to YouTube viewer numbers and positive ratings being deleted!)

Use the settings correctly

In addition to good promotion, the settings on YouTube themselves can help make your videos a success. You should also pay attention to a few things. A key factor is a title and description of the video. The title should roughly summarize the content, but do so in a appealing way to the viewer. The description is there to describe the content in more detail. Further links can also be incorporated here, which can be used on the one hand as a service for the viewer and, on the other hand, for possible advertising links. The preview image, which is ideally chosen in such a way that it speaks directly to the viewer and makes them want to see the video, is also important.

Comments and ratings should also be allowed and, if possible, set to “worldwide users”. This allows viewers all over the world to rate and comment on the video, which ensures that you stay in the conversation. As the last point, you should allow embedding the video. In this way, you give other people the opportunity to distribute your video even better.


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