How Is .Net Still The Best Platform For Developing Software For Web Services?

One of Microsoft’s oldest. Among the most used open-source web frameworks. With more than one million websites written in it and a 17.46% market share. ASP.Net has maintained its position as a beloved programming language since its inception in 2002.

Here is why dot net for website development will remain a top choice in the near future as well. 

The ASP.Net Ecosystem 

.Net Framework 

free, cross-platform developer platform to create Windows desktop applications and server-based applications

.Net Core 

Open-source, cross-platform version of ASP.NET to create server applications


Open-source mobile app development platform for .NET


Windows Forums 



ASP.Net Core 




.Net Standard Library
Shared Infrastructures

Build Tools  APIs Languages  Runtime Components 


Why Choose .Net Development: 5 Reasons to Cement Your Decision

1. Multipurpose Product Creation Capability 

Why choose .net development?

Because the dot net ecosystem makes your job easier. 

You can use this technology to build web services, web applications, or content-driven websites. It also allows easy creation of cross-platform web apps for Windows, Linux, or Mac. 

Create a field-based app or a service-based one, and .Net will support your project. 

Such is the flexibility in its nature that any association with dot net immediately enhances your capability for multipurpose yet hassle-free product creation. 

2. Language Flexibility 

Another major reason why dot net for website development will continue to remain a top choice is the flexibility it offers in terms of coding, programming, and development. 

Microsoft .Net Languages 

  • C# 
  • Visual Basic .Net
  • C++/CLI 
  • J# 
  • JScript.Net 
  • IronPython 
  • IronRuby 
  • F# 
  • Windows PowerShell 

The .Net framework uses the Common Intermediate Language (CIL.) The CIL ensures that the logic representation stays untouched during compilation regardless of the language you use to code. Thus, you can produce programs in any of these languages and the .Net framework will execute that code without fail. 

For enterprise-grade ASP.NET development, services-based solutions, and varying skill-sets, this language flexibility brings about a unique advantage. You can build what you want without worrying about the quality of the outcome. 

3. High Performance 

The .Net framework has everything you need to create a highly-performant web and app solution. From automatic code optimization during compilation to page-focused coding scenarios, this framework aligns itself with standards that promote efficient functioning. 

  • Native optimization 
  • Caching 
  • Early binding 
  • Automatic deployment
  • Integrated development environment 
  • Reduced code sizes 
  • Drag-and-drop functions 

That principle is likely the reason why .Net Core 5.0 was introduced with a wealth of performance improvements. And, even though the Dot Net framework has had its last update (4.8) announced, it remains updated with strong performance indicators. 

.Net vs. .Net Core: What Is The Right Choice for You? 
ASP.Net Framework Dot Net Core 
  • Smooth learning curve
  • No release-update issues- final release is out 
  • High-performant 
  • Very scalable 
  • Diverse microservices 
  • Extensive community strength and support
  • Better pre-configured environment and systems  
  • A slightly steep learning curve 
  • Updates come out frequently 
  • Faster in performance 
  • Better command line support 
  • Contemporary microservice support 
  • Community support is just growing but has a good enough backing so far 
  • Growing into its potential 

4. Cost Efficiency 

The diversity of ASP.Net is quite valuable, mainly because its cost of development falls in a reasonable bracket. 

ASP.NET is an open-source developer platform. There are no licensing costs. You will find editors, libraries, and many resources -free of charge- to support your project. 

Monetary investment on the part of a business enters this environment in one or more of the following instances: 

  • Advanced functional additions
  • Layered complexities
  • Server specifications 
  • Device specifications 
  • Paid add-ons like libraries, APIs, or extensions 

If you are thinking about outsourcing website development services or if you need to hire dedicated .Net developers, count that cost in the final estimate as well. Overall, this cost-efficient technology stack supports website and web app development for a wide range of business sizes. 

5. Resources (Tools, Editors, Documentation, & Community) 

A simple Google research will produce a good deal of ASP.Net website development service communities. From Microsoft Virtual Academy to Stack Overflow, this list is ever-expanding. 

On top of that, there is no shortage of dot net resources. Content, Q&As, demos, and documentation- whatever you need to create, understand, or expedite your Dot Net development project is readily available and accessible online. 

As for the tools, editors, and IDEs that you may need for ASP.Net development, you will find free as well as paid options. Go for the ones that suit your expanse, scope, objectives, and budget. 

Why Choose .Net Development for Your Business- A Quick Checklist 

We have discussed the reasons why dot net for website development works best for web and app solutions. Explore this quick list of advantages that ASP.Net C# web application and service solutions can reward you with. 

  • Object-oriented software development model 
  • Easy code management via compartmentalization 
  • No unnecessary programming 
  • A robust, reliable caching system 
  • User-friendly Visual Studio IDE 
  • Real-time collaboration on a single codebase 
  • A diverse array of editor extensions 
  • A completely open-source code 
  • Easy, flexible, and seamless deployment 
  • The extensive .Net standard class library 
  • Automatic code monitoring with immediate issue alert 
  • Active Microsoft support 

How to Go About ASP.Net Development Services? 

Once you have determined the technology stack, the next phase is to locate the best (rather, the most cost-effective yet profit-yielding) way to create your solution. 

Considering everything, that becomes a big question. It is especially true in a globally transforming market where almost everyone has turned to software, web, and app solutions to stay afloat and expand their customer base. 

For example, do you already have a team for dot net development? Do you need to hire .Net developers? Have you outsourced this task to a dot net development company before? Will you need to start from scratch and look for an ASP.Net development services provider that suits your exact specifications? 

Here is how you can go about figuring this out. 

  • Assess Your Team. 
      1. How many .Net experts do you already have? 
      2. Is there a need to hire .Net developers? 
      3. If yes, prepare a scope of requirements for said resource. 
  • Assess Your Requirements. 
      1. Do you need a full-time or part-time resource? 
      2. How many developers do you need? 
      3. Will your project involve resource scaling? 
  • Check for Experience.
      1. Verify the experience of the dot net development company 
      2. Talk to their recent clients
      3. Explore their portfolio
  • Ask for a Sample. 
      1. Share a few requirements and ask for a sample
      2. Gauge it to understand the quality of their work
  • Get a Quote. 
    1. Always get an estimate from the vendors 
    2. Compare the prices, services, and quality
    3. Settle on the best offer 

This straightforward process will help you discover several things, like your project requirements for ASP.NET development. Take note of what you need before moving forward. 

If you still have any doubts regarding why dot net for website development is a wise choice, drop it in the comments. 

Author Bio: 

Rohit Bhateja 

Rohit Bhateja is a writer, digital marketing professional, and avid technology enthusiast with a penchant for studying and sharing industry-relevant trends among peers. From his reservoir of information and grasp of various techno-digital domains comes this piece where he discusses why choosing application development services will remain an enterprise favorite for the next few years. 


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