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Social media connects millions of people worldwide, making it a fantastic platform to sell a business. You can associate with your customers through social media to find out what they say about your product. You can also discover new clients who may be interested in your brand or product through social media. Hence, social media acts as a communication bridge between you and your clients. Here are the ten best social media platforms to improve your business presence:


Facebook is one of the most widely used apps. With approximately 2.7 billion users, Facebook provides few ways to promote small business ideas. Facebook furnishes a unique feature; it is called the Business Manager. Here, you can manage your business easily. It is cheap, and it is a beneficial marketing strategy.


Today, TikTok is the most popular social media app among the youth. Surprisingly, this platform is growing rapidly every month, brimming with new users. Any kind of business, big or small, can advertise quite well on TikTok.

This platform is regarded as the best platform to introduce any new brand. Plan great content, and implement it in your video. Do not forget to mention the name of the brand. And if you are not able to produce enough viewers, you can always buy real TikTok followers to increase your fanbase and improve the presence of your business.


Like TikTok, Instagram did not fail to grab the attention of the youth. Instagram is overflowing with a thousand influencers, followed by a million people. These influencers will be more than happy to negotiate into promoting your brand. Instagram is filled with features like stories and reels, which are pretty attractive.


Twitter has the most powerful tool- the hashtags! Hashtags are the most capable of getting reach if appropriately used. Creating a business account on Twitter is easy. Whenever you want to tweet something, use the most popular hashtags. Keep up with the trend to use the trending hashtags as well. Avoid using spammed and banned hashtags!


It is a simple app to give or to find jobs. Currently, it is possible to use LinkedIn as a business profile- in a few easy steps. Create a company profile. Interact with other users, ask questions about hiring freelancers, reply, create a group or be a part of a group – collaborate with other business ideas. If you can give others job opportunities’, then you are golden! Post those advertisements.


You can promote your business on YouTube if you have experience in video marketing. YouTube has always been popular due to its extensive features and video quality. Another essential feature of YouTube is the positive and negative feedback system. Hence YouTube, too, can be used as a beneficial marketing channel.


In short, Snapchat is an aesthetic app having some special features such as the temporary sharing of pictures and videos and a thousand filters. Today, Snapchat is popularized by the younger generation; hence it has become a good platform for advertising products. You can make short videos on your brand and share it on Snapchat- it would be goofy and quick.


If you want to share your business more through pictures and videos and with the least captions, Pinterest is a wonderful app for advertising.


If you have the exact marketing strategy, Reddit can be the almost perfect option to sell your business. If you want your brand to be visible for a longer time, try and avoid direct marketing through Reddit and avoid over-promoting of products. Be original and do not post illegal content. Please do not share personal information, as it is visible all around the globe.


WhatsApp was created to send and receive texts and media. Recently, WhatsApp has launched a new program- WhatsApp Business. WhatsApp Business app is a new way of reaching out to your customers. It was created keeping the small businesses in mind, where you can communicate directly with your clients. Here, there is a unique feature- when your clients receive your product, they can send a real picture of it, thus giving you direct feedback.


With an accurate marketing policy, you can implement your business ideas into any of the above-mentioned social media platforms to improve your business presence.


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