How Can Local Businesses in Toronto Make More Revenue Through Digital Marketing?

Toronto is regarded as Canada’s financial capital with businesses ranging from small and medium-sized to large multi-million dollar enterprises. It is an emerging financial hub in North America and also among the top ten financial centers in the world. With one of the world’s most highly educated and diverse business communities, it can be a significant challenge for small and medium-sized companies to capture opportunities in Toronto. Most business leaders instinctively grasp different solutions to transform income in order to drive more growth. But to make it happen, business owners need to be more deliberate and disciplined in ensuring digital transformation is sustained. 

Sometimes for a business to out-innovate its competitors traditionally will not be possible especially in a city like Toronto. Hiring more employees or renting bigger spaces may not at all be feasible for small businesses owners. But this is not the case online. Local businesses have no restrictions or limitations online and they can leverage similar if not better digital marketing strategies than their competitors. Through this, local businesses can identify new sources of growth, redesign existing business models, explore disruptive services, and much more. Thanks to digital marketing techniques like SEO, SMM, PPC, etc, small businesses can be more effective, flexible, and efficient than ever before. Businesses can capitalize on these strategies because they have multiple distribution channels, digital channels, and social media outlets at their disposal to reach consumers at a low cost. Most of all, when it comes to local business marketing in Toronto, your focus should be on reaching customers in the area. Because your ultimate aim is to draw people in and make them want to buy your products or leverage your services.

How Local Businesses Can Make More Revenue Through Digital Marketing?

1. Optimize Your Online Website With SEO

One of the most essential and resourceful local business marketing approaches is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). With all the searches happening on Google nowadays, boosting your website’s rankings at the top of search results can significantly increase website visitors. No matter how great your products are or the years of expertise you possess, if your business is not on the first page, then you are missing out on potential online leads.

As a local business in Toronto, you will have to use SEO to identify customer trends and market demands, then alter your strategy based on it. This can help your business reach out to targeted local audiences therefore considerably increasing revenue. 

2. Leverage Google My Business (GMB) Profile

We have all used Google to search for local business at some point or the other. It could be a local restaurant or maybe a healthcare center nearby. For these local searches, you might have seen the Google search results include a map to the address and other details as well. But this is not done for all the business, rather for only a few. So why is that? These are known as Google My Business listings.

This strategy is essential especially for local businesses in Toronto because you can provide different important information to customers, such as working hours, office location, and contact information. It also lets you include customer-centric snippets like reviews, product images, etc. Google my Business provides all relevant information to customers so that they can make faster decisions and leverage your services if needed. 

3. Earn Links From Local Websites

As part of your white Hat SEO strategy, you’ll have to obtain hyperlinks to your service or product page from other local websites. These links are an essential part of increasing your site’s search engine rankings as they can significantly bring traffic to your website. Local Yellow Pages, directories, and listing sites are viewed by millions of people in order to attain relevant services or information. By listing your products on these pages, you can get more views from potential customers and improve lead conversions. SEO experts can help you get links from credible and highly reputed local websites, which can in turn improve your ranking and drive more leads. 

4. Your Website Must Create an Intuitive User Experience

If you want to provide your local audiences with the right information and a positive browsing experience then you must first improve your site’s user experience. Even if your business ranks on the first page of Google SERP, it will not do you any help if your website is poorly optimized. This is because once the user visits your website, he/she will want every information related to your product and business. If the person is able to obtain this information quickly and directly, without any confusion, delay, or disruption, then you have a good website experience. If your website is slow to load, contains poor UI/UX, and does not provide relevant information, not only will you lose a potential customer but it will significantly affect your Google rankings as well. 

5. Improve Sales With Email Marketing

Email marketing is an excellent option for local businesses that are looking to directly connect with potential leads. With email marketing, businesses can reach out to new customers as well as retain existing ones by sending emails regarding promotions, offers, sales, etc. To begin with email marketing, your website or local physical store will have to collect email ids of visitors and build a subscriber list. Through your website, you will be able to gain more subscribers who can be converted into new customers and this can eventually increase your business revenue. 


Not all local businesses in Toronto have reached success through traditional marketing or years of expertise, there are several brands that have improved sales through digital marketing. With the right SEO and online marketing assistance, you too can overcome these competitors and improve brand reputation, customer satisfaction, and business revenue. Improving your brand’s online reputation with digital marketing and web design in Toronto can be considered as a worthwhile endeavor. As the internet has become the most important source of innovation, businesses that rethink established practices and cut through traditional boundaries have a better chance of staying on top in the future.

Author Bio:

Gina Brewton is a blogger in Canada. She is working as an blogger outreach coordinator for the web development company in Toronto – Web Sharx. She graduated with honors from the University of British Columbia with a dual degree in Business Administration and Creative Writing.


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