4 Best Islamic Apps for Muslim Kids

Unfortunately, most Muslim kids are unaware of the basics of Islam. Our kids are having enough screen time, but what they are watching is useless. The majority of the cartoons either have a meaningless plot or teach unethical values.

Luckily, our kids are gifted with such technology, which we did not have. Therefore, we can utilize this opportunity and illuminate their minds with Islamic knowledge. Lessons learned from an early age are remembered for life long. Doing this is simple; you just need to select the best Islamic apps for your kids.

I have done this job for you and selected the 4 best apps for Islamic teachings. Let us have a look at them:

1. Learn with Abdul Bari

Instead of playing cartoons that promote westernization, Islamic cartoons are the best way to teach basic principles. Learn with Abdul Bari is one of them. This cartoon series is in the Urdu language and teaches a lot of duas.

My children have learned many simple and short duas from it. I was surprised when my child recited a dua which he learned from Abdul Bari, and I never made an effort for it. Dua before wearing clothes, drinking milk, sleeping, waking up, studying become hard to remember for kids. However, with the use of various characters, learning these duas becomes simple.

Besides this, it teaches etiquette and manners to children. The series is designed in short series, each with a different lesson. Common lessons covered in the series include manners of entering the house, dealing with the adults, table manners, prayer timings, speaking the truth, and so on.

Thankfully, the complete series is free of cost and can be easily downloaded. Apart from kids, adults can also learn many duas and Islamic teachings from the app. The animated cartoon uses various colors and graphics to gain attention. I love how the cartoon displays family life and its bonding. There is a family of four in which Abdul Bari is the son, and Anshara is the sister. Furthermore, there are small songs without music to keep the children engaged.

2. Islamic Stories for Kids

The reason for loving this app is its offline audio option. At times, when the internet connection is not working, my kids get bored. Since the schools and play areas are also closed due to the pandemic, I was in search of some Islamic apps that can work offline.

My kids love stories, and this app was the perfect choice for me as it teaches Islamic stories. It has a vast collection of stories from the life of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) and Sahaba. Even I learned a lot of new things and Islamic incidents from this app.

Some of my favorite stories from this app include Zamzam, Eid-Ul-Adha, stories of the Holy Prophet, etc. These stories are in plain and simple language. The children can learn without their parent’s involvement. Moreover, children of every age can learn from this app.


Replace bedtime stories with these Islamic stories. Develop a habit of listening to one story at bedtime every day. This will help your children learn something new each day.

3. Omar and Hana

This comprehensive app is designed to educate Muslim kids interactively. Suitable for children of ages 2 to 7, the app offers content in two languages, English and Malaysian. There are numerous videos, games, and stories from which children can learn.

Furthermore, around 1000 learning activities are available. These activities are related to Arabic letters, Quran recitation, Arabic alphabets, fasting, Salah, etc. Besides this, children can also learn about Prophets, companions of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H), famous Mosques, Hajj and Umrah, and so on.

The app offers a year as well as a monthly plan. You also get weekly updates and access to exclusive videos. Moreover, the app renews automatically before 24 hours of expiry. Once the payment is made, it cannot be refunded. Besides this, the app mentions that the service cannot be stopped in the middle

The best part about the app is its parental control feature which lets you easily control the screen time. The content is designed by certified educationists and is ideal in educating the children about Islamic values, behavior, and etiquettes.

4. Let’s Learn Quran with Zaki and Friends

This app by One 4 Kids enjoys a five-star rating and a high number of users from various parts of the world. The ultimate objective of this app is to make our children learn and understand the meaning of the Quran. Unfortunately, our children learn to read Quran, but only a few of them knows the meaning of it.

Instead of hiring a Quran teacher, you can let your child learn and understand Quran with this app. It also highlights that Muslims are present in various parts of the world, have different cultures and different demographics. However, being Muslims, their faith and belief in Allah are the same.

The app is about Zaki and his friends. Zaki’s friends belong to different countries. Each of them recites the Quran verses and then explains the meaning of it. In this way, children learn what message Allah has given us in our holy book.

Wrapping It Up

In short, keeping our kids on the right path is difficult but not impossible. These days when vulgarity is common, children can easily get distracted and adopt bad habits. However, we can always make efforts to teach the key Islamic principles to our kids. Doing so will let our children love, practice, and then preach Islam in a better way. For this, we can use various apps like Learn with Abdul Bari, Umar and Hana, Zaki and Friends, and Islamic Stories.

Try taking this positive step for bringing a positive change in your kids. Let them practice Islam, understand its purpose, and follow the Sunnah in every part of their life. This will help them in becoming great Muslims and getting success in the present world as well as the world hereafter.

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