Technology is advancing rapidly, pacing way to innovations. The advancements in technology have helped revolutionize almost every industry on the spectrum, including garage doors. The manufacturers now utilize state-of-the-art technology to optimize garage doors to offer functionality, improved safety, and enhanced user experience.

Are you planning to add a new garage or replace the old one? Do you wonder about the technological advancements in the field of garage doors? Slotenmaker Heist-op-den-Berg Keep reading to find out how the new innovations are transforming garage doors.

Top innovative developments in garage doors:

1.  Proximity sensors:

When it comes to garage doors, the one thing that holds the most importance is safety. Here, proximity sensors come into play. The latest addition to the parts of a garage door system is in-built sensors. They can instantly detect any object or even person that might be hindering the garage door from closing and command the door to reverse automatically. It can offer immense safety by preventing accidents, especially if you have pets or kids. Besides that, sensors can also come in handy while backing up your vehicle.

Proximity sensors

2.  In-built timers:

If you are someone who constantly worries about whether you have locked the garage door after leaving or not, you can invest in the one that has automatic timers. This feature allows you to define a particular time after which the door will close automatically. There are numerous options for timing, ranging from 5 minutes to 6 hours. Once the time is over, the door will give a warning and then start closing.

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4. Smartphone connectivity:

While most garage doors come with remote control, they can only be used within a limited range. Rather than using a remote to control the garage door, you now use your phone to do the same. There are specific garage door apps that you can use to access the garage door from anywhere. You will receive a quick notification on your smartphone whenever the door opens and allows you to close it even if you are on vacation.

Smartphone connectivity

4.  Integrated battery backup:

Electric garage doors require power to operate, which can cause trouble in case of a power failure. You might get stuck in the garage or unable to access your vehicle in case the power goes out suddenly. The latest doors are equipped with an integrated battery backup to provide power so you can access the garage door even when there is no power.

5.  Fingerprint technology:

Biometric technology is helping improve security features in various aspects today. Many manufacturers have also added it to garage doors to provide additional safety to homeowners. Given the advancement in the field, you can now control and monitor your garage door using your fingerprints.

Fingerprint technology

Final Thoughts

Garage doors have been undergoing massive changes since their inception to offer increased safety and convenience. From high-tech sensors to smartphone apps and even fingerprint locks, the innovations are helping protect your home. If you wish to add a garage door or replace the old one, make sure you look out for these technological advancements to make your garage safe and secure.

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