Tangled palm trees, golden sand beaches and relaxing atmosphere, that’s what Goa is all about. So, when one wants a break from the urban life and want to spend some fun holidays, then this is the place to be. And there are plenty of beaches which makes the vacation all the more perfect.

If one is planning a holiday in this quite popular destination, then they need to make some plans ahead. They can book their travel ticket and book their stay at Club Mahindra Varca Beach Goa at least a month before their date of holiday. When planning, one also needs to figure out the places they want to visit when they are holidaying in Goa.

Even though one wants to relax and take it easy in this trip, here are a few places which they must not visit:

Palolem Beach

Beaches do play an important role in Goa and it is because of them most people visit the place. And among all the beaches, Palolem is quite touristy because it is a fascinating crescent shaped stretch of white sand which overlooks the Arabian Sea in South Goa. One can soak up the sun there just by sitting at the beach or can hang out with their friends or partners. If one needs some adventure, then they can go for kayaking. One can also plan a one night stay there in the rustic coco huts.

Colva Beach

This is another popular beach in Goa flocked by tourists. This is a stretch of bronze sands and palm trees which is an ideal place for sunbathing. One can also go for banana boat rides, Jet Skis and parasailing adventures from here.

Butterfly Beach

This beach is known for its spectacular scenery and this place is perfect for those who want to stay away from crowds. This is kind of a natural escape for them. If one is looking for one such gem here, then Butterfly beach is the right place for them. This is so beautiful that it looks like a postcard as it brims with blossoms and butterflies. It is also a great place to see dolphins swim at a distance. One needs to take ride from Agonda or Palolem Beach to reach there. Or else, they can also take a forest hike to reach there.

Utorda Beach

This is another quite beach to be which is also a stunning getaway from all the crowded beaches in Goa. It has blue water and silky sand and one can relax on the few beach shacks present there.

Tanshikar’s Working Spice Farm

The southern part of India is known for its abundance of spices like cardamom, black pepper and cloves for many years now. In fact, there are the natural flavourings which appealed the Portuguese traders a lot who came to Goa almost a century ago. One can take tour to the working spice farm and check out that this place grows different spices like vanilla, pepper, turmeric, nutmeg, chilli and many more. They follow totally an organic farming method. They also keeps bees and produces some natural honey. Apart from taking a tour to the spice farms, one can also take part in the cooking class that happens there.

Portuguese-Indian Restaurants

Food is definitely one of the major attractions in Goa apart from the beaches. In fact here, one can get distinctive cuisines which blend Portuguese and Goan flavours. One can also get to taste the freshly caught sea food and many coconut dishes. When in Goa, one has to try the signature dish called VIndaloo, which is a hot meat curry made from dried red chilli powder and palm vinegar.

 Basilica de Bom Jesus

This is one of the most important religious sites here. Located in Old Goa, this attraction dates back to late 16th century and it was founded by Society of Jesus and Apostles of Indies. It has been labelled as a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1999. The structure here is a mix of Corinthian, Doric and Baroque style with some intricate cravings. One can tour the church on their own or else they can also hire independent guides.

Dudhsagar Falls

From Goa, one can also visit the spectacular DUdhsagar Falls. This is a four tiered water fall which towers from 310 metres above the ground. It is one of the India’s tallest waterfalls and can be a perfect place for a day trip from Goa. One can reach the falls by train or a taxi. One has to reach the Devil’s Canyon and it takes about 45 minutes from there to reach the falls. It is said that, the best time to visit this place is on December.

Anjuna Market

Goa is a home to many markets. But the Anjuna market is the liveliest one. One can get to see hundreds of vendors there from whom one can pick up souvenirs and trinkets. Deity sculptures, ornate textiles, beaded jewelleries and other exquisite things can be bought from here. One can also collect small bags of fresh spices from here.

Braganza House

This a 17th century space which is a historical mansion which flanks the village square in Chandor. This mansion is divided into each and west wings and both are open for the tourists.

Mahadev Temple

Located just 12 kilometres from Molem this temple is a structure which has been standing since 12th century. This is a remote location which helped the temple to survive amidst the centuries of conquests by Muslim and Portuguese conquests. This is a black basalt temple which was built to honour Lord Shiva and has a resident King Cobra. One can step inside to find out some detailed work of the artisan carvers and a magnificent lotus on the ceiling.

These are the most common destinations that one can visit when they are holidaying in Goa. Apart from visiting places and beaches one can also enjoy the comfort of Club Mahindra Varca Beach Goa if they have booked it for their stay in the holiday.


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