As the holiday season is coming and it’s time to pack our bags and plan our holidays with our loved ones. In today’s age, family travel is with family members and includes pets. Having dogs and cats during a vacation means you will get more quality time to spend, and you don’t need to worry about leaving your furry friends behind.

But carrying pets during travel is not so easy. There are certain rules and regulations that one should follow to have their pets during vacation. Here, in this blog, you will come to know about 10 things that you must take into consideration before you make travel plans with your pets. Now, let’s check out those points below –

  1. Make Sure Your Pet is Microchipped

Yes, that’s an important point which you should take into consideration. Make sure your pet is microchipped and registered. The phone number should also be updated. If your pet gets lost or is picked up by someone from anywhere in a different city, town, or country, they will be able to contact you. If you want, you can add a wearable tracker to your pet’s collar so you can track them easily wherever they roam.

  1. Keep a Tag on Your Pet’s Collar

It would help if you kept a tag on your pet’s collar. This is really important and especially when you are traveling with your pets. In the tag, the phone number should be clearly readable. If your pet gets away due to the excitement of the trip, you can easily get it back. Along with this tag, you can also add a medical tag like proof of rabies vaccination.

  1. Check Your Vet

Traveling with pets is quite stressful. You never know when a potential issue or special need arises while you travel. By availing of a vet for your pet, you can get a health certificate for your pet as well as required medications.

  1. Make Sure to Use a Pet Carrier While Traveling

If you want, you can opt for a pet carrier when planning a flight journey. However, this pet carrier is useful for car travel as well. An unsecured pet may create trouble by distracting the driver or interfering with the safe vehicle operation. Moreover, if any emergency arises, you can keep your pet safe and secured in the carrier. You can carry a pet emergency kit too for a comfortable journey.

But before you buy a pet carrier, make sure you give proper training to your pet about how to get into it, etc., before you start your journey. You can take your pet in the carrier for short or mini trips. It will make them habituated to it. Once they become familiar with it and feel comfortable, it will help relieve your excess stress while taking a long journey.

  1. Plan Your Pet’s Meal

While traveling with your pet, make sure you stick to your pet’s regular meal or feeding routine so that you don’t upset their stomach. If your pet struggles with car sickness, plan for a day driving and allow them some time to get settled after eating before you start the journey. Bring healthy treats along with you to feed your pet during the journey and don’t give them any unplanned snacks or food that are not healthy for them.

  1. Use of Electric Dog Fences

Fences are truly useful for your pets. If your yard is big enough and you need to create a barrier or protection for your pet, you can install it. It will give your dog the freedom of choice and experience new things outside the home. These fences have grabbed the attention of owners who would like to maintain an aesthetically attractive landscape.

Moreover, pet owners don’t need to bear the cost of extra labour for taking care of their dogs or for building a fence. Therefore, it can be said that an electric dog fence is a great option for ensuring the physical and mental safety of your pets.

  1. Must Protect Against Your Pets and Disease

Different regions have different pests and diseases. When you are carrying your pet on vacation, you must protect them from all these things. You must gather information about the geographical area you plan to travel to. You can ask your vet for additional tick and flea, additional parasite control, and so on. Make sure you bring your pets’ health records along with you to the trip.

  1. Must-Know Where You Are Going

You must know where you are going. Be sure the place you are going to visit must welcome your pet and have all the amenities to accommodate your pet. Before you start your journey or arrive at the location, you must ask questions so that you become sure of what is waiting for you. You should always have a backup plan if your pet feels uncomfortable with the place.

  1. Check the Airline Policies Properly

While flying, especially when you are taking international trips, make sure you double-check the airline pet policies to avoid any last-minute confusion. Policies change now and then, along with rules. Make sure that you and your pet both are welcome on the flight. Check the airline’s website, give them a call if required, or send an email to know what rules need to be followed for carrying a pet on a flight journey.

  1. Countries Differ

When you are planning an international trip where countries differ as well as their rules and regulations also differ. Some will ask you to show a rabies vaccine certificate and paperwork to show, while others will require pet quarantine fees. There are some countries where certain breeds are banned.

We all love our furry friends the most, and we all want to end up a journey without getting lost or injured. So, if you want to have quality time with your family and pets, then follow these above-mentioned tips. Following these tips will help you to make your vacation successful and stress-free.


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