The Best Seiko Watches You Can Buy Today

Watch wearers tend to gravitate towards certain brands. Like any product, people look for brands they can rely on when buying watches because they have a lot of value nowadays. They find that with established brands like Japanese watchmaker Seiko.

Seiko’s rich history began all the way back in 1881 in Tokyo, Japan. Fast forward to today, the company has established itself as one of the best watchmakers in history that’s not from Switzerland. They’ve adapted and stood the test of time itself, still creating and innovating as seen from their recent products in the past couple of years.

If you’re looking for a new timepiece, Seiko has a wide range you can choose from for different purposes. This blog lists the best watches they have that you can buy today by type.

Best Seiko Sport Watches

Seiko is one of the best brands you can go for if it’s a sport or tool watch you’re after. From the wide range of sports watches they have, here are the best ones you can go for:

Seiko SKX007

This dive watch is the quintessential watch of its type. In addition, the Seiko SKX007 has outstanding battery power and is more affordable. You can get one from the Seiko boutique at a retail price of about $300, cheaper than most of their lines.

SKX007 uses the 7s26 mechanical movement, which is less expensive than the ones used on other Seiko models. It also has a power reserve that lasts up to 44 to 48 hours. On top of that, it also has a clear day and date window on the dial and a customizable strap where you can use either rubber or a steel bracelet.

This watch gives more than what it’s priced for, which is why it’s quite popular. Such a watch with that kind of value is a can’t-miss for many watch enthusiasts.

Seiko Prospex Orange Sumo

What makes this Seiko model unique is its orange dial. Seiko managed to take a color that most people would consider as ‘too bright’ and made it the centerpiece of one of their products. That alone is an excellent feat in itself that can catch most watch lovers’ interest.

From its build and aesthetics, the Prospex Orange Sumo is fit for rugged people. It’s also convenient because it’s self-winding with a screw-down crown that prevents water and dust from entering. Moreover, if you can’t find an Orange Sumo, you can go for a suitable alternative and get an Orange Samurai instead.

Best Seiko Dress Watches

Seiko meets the standard of creating outstanding dress watches. Here are the ones you should find:

Seiko Presage SRPB43 Cocktail Time

With its luxe aesthetic, you wouldn’t expect the Presage SRPB43 to be priced at $400. Yet another Seiko model with more value for its price, this watch is a great choice when you need a dress watch. If you like the minimalist look, it’s the perfect fit.

It has a 23-jewel self-winding automatic movement used on a beautiful ice blue sunburst dial. That dial style deviates from the traditional dress watch design, adding a unique flair to the watch. In addition, the power source of the Cocktail Time lasts an average of 41 hours, providing a solid usage duration.

Grand Seiko Elegance SBGM221 Mechanical GMT

The Grand Seiko is an independent brand separate from Seiko’s main line of timepieces. One of its best works is the Elegance SBGM221, which uses an in-house movement called Calibre 9S66 automatic GMT. It provides an accuracy of +10 to -1 seconds per day on normal usage.

You’ll see that it’s a carefully designed dress watch from the details. To start, it has beveled edges and hour markers with diamond-cut hands. Besides those, it also has a blued steel 24-hour hand on a deep ivory dial which adds to its exceptional image.


Seiko offers quality and value either greater or equal to its prices. You can start your Seiko collection now by getting your hands on any of these excellent watches for the outdoors or dressing up.

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Luther Abrams is quite a jack of all trades type of guy. He loves exploring new things and cultivating his knowledge every now and then. Today, he grows more and more interested in jewelry and watches and even writes about such things in his free time.


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