Best Call Confirmation App For Android and IOS

Call Confirmation

We’ve made mistakes and just dialled the number. By mishap at that time, the cellphone was in our pocket or unconsciously children made a call to strangers. It wastes our data package, and sometimes it just sounds weird to call any unknown number and don’t say anything.

If you want to make a call, conform apps allow you to double-check your decision. Compatible with Android and IOS devices, which enable you to verify the calls. They’ve (developers) added features:

Calls with a secure connection.

Calling abroad.

Sending caller ID. 

Additionally, the app gives you a special dialer that only lets you dial contacts you’ve saved on your phone and synched with other phones. There are so many cool features and themes in these apps. We’ve got a list of the best call confirming apps that automatically divert attend and disconnect the call according to your default settings. Following is the List of Apps that will aid you in making your smartphone active in the call confirmation device.


The True Phone Dialer is a full replacement for the default contact manager. The primary interface of the application contains the sections Favorites, Phone, Contacts and Groups. You can select calls via the left-hand side, and the right-hand side gives you access to the main menu with speed dial, settings, and the option to clear the call history.


  • You can customize themes, the size of list items, the keyboard, the text, and your favourite contacts.
  • In addition to customizing contact icons, setting a narrow font, and hiding the notification area, you can do a lot more.
  • It’s possible to assign nearly any action to any interactive element, such as replacing a call button with an end call button.
  • The service is built of contrasting design.
  • Letters and numbers look distinct and readable.


When you make a call, an extra box appears on the screen with the call and cancel buttons. Its appearance can be customized in the application. If a contact has an icon, it’ll display in this tab.


  • This app has an amazing feature that it gives you a warning before the call, and only if you confirm will the call be made.
  • This tool is made more beautiful by the call verification buttons, which are in a classic style.
  • When you start the application settings will open. In them, you can configure the work in quite some detail.

There is an option to disable call waiting for incoming queries and numbers from your Contacts list. You’ve to specify only the numbers you want to confirm or select a range of numbers beginning with certain digits.


  • It’ll prevent you from accidental calls.
  • Simple interface, you won’t have to look for the call button repeatedly.
  • Using flexible settings, you can set call confirmation only for the numbers you specify.
  • The application will automatically disable at the right time if you’ve got a Bluetooth headset connection.
  • Preventing mistaken calls is safeguarded. With a paid service, you can protect your phone from outgoing calls to other countries.


It shows a screen that double-checks the outgoing call you are going to make or if you’re receiving an incoming call. SELECT DIALER – Premium Dialer runs on Android. Allows you to select a different dialer than the default dialer, such as LINE Out; it records the number.


  • The moment when call tracking is enabled then the application confirms that the user is calling someone. It’s a precaution, so you unintentionally don’t call anybody.
  • The core features include selecting a dialer according to call type or amount, creating a shortcut of call directly.
  • The interface is the best part of the app; it is intuitive and provides a constructive GUI structure, which is easy to navigate.
  • It is completely free and does not show any ads or contain a purchase module.


The Call Maker provides you with the facility to track the call and ensure the call checking when you’re going to pick it up. This is one of the best confirmation call apps around the world due to its amazing features. It has all the basic functions that are present in a standard call maker.


  • Fast search in your recent call logs, smart current call groups, multiple language support.
  • Clean and convenient navigation, theme options, customizable and modern design, extended dual SIM support.
  • The UI provides a user-friendly atmosphere and allows us to create new contacts.
  • Call maker Contacts is free to use, ad-supported, and offers in-app purchases to access more features.


Call confirm is simple to use. Only, you have to verify that you are the correct person and owner of the mobile, therefore you are going to pick up the call. Call confirm is an app that permits you to get rid of unwanted outgoing calls. Arises, when you accidentally press the call button or the touch screen.


  • This feature lets you specify numbers that require verification.
  • Additionally, it enables users to send USSD-requests with no confirmation.
  • This app also has a subscription option to reach out to different features.
  • It is the feature that the program can automatically disconnect when a Bluetooth headset is connected.

Last But Not Least

These are the best call confirmation apps for Android mobile and IOS  and can be helpful for you whenever you make a call to an unknown person accidentally. This article is split into two parts: how to make and receive a call, and, their amazing features. Still, if you’ve any questions, inquire us in the comment section.


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