Wifi 6

WiFi 6 Protection and other enhancements

Wi-Fi 6 (axis or 802.11ax wireless fidelity) is integrated into all forms of network equipment and implementations, ranging from those that need the most efficient and especially in rigid corporate environments...

Global Cellular IoT: Trends in the Industry Digitalization

The Internet of Things (IoT), by integrating the digital and physical world, makes the world smarter, more sensitive. Adding and linking sensors to multiple objects through the Internet enhances their knowledge....

5 applications in Artificial Intelligence that will Transform industries in the short term

The innovations of artificial intelligence steadily achieve an efficiency standard. The first signs include systems for speech recognition, in which chatbots work. Users are increasingly involved in advanced machine learning systems...
holiday gadgets

5 Cool Technical Gadgets for your Holiday

The season for holidays is swinging. But you must really think about what to take with you before you go for a well-deserved rest. In addition to typical items ( e.g....
Virtual Reality

A Virtual Reality Company, Apple has Bought Spaces, to Use Technology

Apple acquired another company, particularly Spaces, according to the details it offers, which so far has specialized in technical advancement using virtual reality. Spaces not only gave augmented reality experiences with...
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Top 5 Benefits of Financing Option for Merchant & Consumer

Financing solutions provide various benefits to both merchants & customers. As an example, financing options help companies to deal with big contracts. Moreover, it...

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