Celadon Coin: The Deflationary BEP-20 Token You Want

Celadon Coin

On being a decentralized digital ledger recording all information on every aspect of society on its network, blockchain is expected to help society remove all the intermediaries and eradicate the chained hierarchy. As a result, a boom in blockchain networks is what happened in recent years. Among the most dynamic, promising networks, Binance Smart Chain is one of those, leading to BEP-20, the token format for this network, becoming highly demanded. And Celadon Coin (CELA) is that one BEP-20 you’ll want.

What is the deflationary BEP-20 token and Why CELA?

BSC is the fastest-growing blockchain network for several reasons. While the worldwide famous Etherium is experiencing poor transaction rates and expensive transaction costs, BSC effectively solves the issue of congestion and thus, the rising prices. If you’re interested in utilizing this amazing network, the BEP-20 token is what you must have.

BEP-20 token must have value and is useful for coin trading. The creating process may, however, be such a challenge for the time and high error risks.

In that situation, CELA comes to the rescue. By purchasing CELA, you’ll gain services of a BEP-20 token and other exclusive ones. They’re the Anti-Whale Mechanism, Bridging Solutions, Staking, Swapping, Referral Program as mentioned in previous posts and the whitepaper. Nonetheless, its creation is coming from the innovation of swapping tokens between ERC-20, MATIC, and BEP-20 networks by the crypto space expert Adam Wildelka. In case you may not know, it’s just 4 days to join our exclusive token sale, with 1B total token supply sold at $0.00012 pre-sale and $0.00019 final-sale.

Project roadmap and the benefits

CELADON COIN team understands that an ecosystem with a variety of offers and benefits to the token and its holder is important in raising its value and usefulness. Now, They are working hard to hold the position of a self-sustaining ecosystem of blockchain-driven competency with a process plan.

Phase 1:

Launch of MATIC bridge, NFT marketplace, NFT collection

Provision to add MATIC token to the wallet


An NFT gains its worth from its extrinsic nature with the following characteristics, namely authenticity, scarcity, transferability, immutability, and royalty.


It’s no longer a myth that forgeries have fooled even the most prestigious artwork appraisers. To cope with this problem, every authentication form will be followed by CELADON NFT collections. The uniqueness of the NFT will hence be confirmed on the blockchain.


The NFTs on the CELADON NFT Marketplace will almost all be only one of its type. CELADON will either mint or make the trending NFT. Therefore, by displaying their NFTs and possibly becoming the next crypto kitties, users will have the opportunity to turn over a new leaf.


According to its clear transfer clause, CELADON NFTs can be resold to nearly anyone anywhere in the world. The result is, obviously, a larger pool of potential customers.


The careful construction of smart contracts has made NFTs’ nature immutable. This indicates that the NFT’s attributes and metadata can’t be changed, giving it permanency.


CELADON’s smart contracts will be used for purposeful functions. Generating income by reselling the NFTs in the secondary market is one of those.


As platformers put more confidence in the marketplace, more NFTs are sold, providing artists with a new and consistent revenue stream through the NFT minting royalty clause.

The platform’s definitive involvement will be defined by the token’s staking possibilities, which will give users a sense of belonging as well as attention and support from the marketplace producers.

Staking the coins and sticking to a farming strategy would definitely cause a stir in the market, with CELADON’s name being benchmarked as a result.

Phase 2:




CELADON DEX, which is built on the most advanced and practical BSC blockchain, will process transactions at such a fast rate, making it ahead of the industry-leading exchanges.


CELADON’s goal is becoming the cross-chain as an integral element of the ecosystem as the wallet and block explorer is in the future. It currently inherits 3 of the most prestigious blockchains: ETH, BSC, and MATIC. A single platform can give access to liquidity pool provider, token pairs, and digital assets, enabling the coordinated development of capital.


The liquidity will increase threefold the original due to the interconnected environment of the three blockchains, or its bridging solutions. Users will have a wide range of options to invest, swap, or exchange token pairs based on their own judgment.


Allows true decentralization

A considerably larger, more stable ecosystem

Three choices to choose

Better investing judgment

Reduces trading risk.

Eradicates trading bottlenecks

One wallet for all mentioned blockchains

No liquidity margin.

Faster transactions thanks to no manually logging onto separate blockchains and performing the trade

Finest interoperability

From the project process, it can be seen that CELA is truly a token that satisfies the BEP-20 specifications. Owning both the automatic liquidity and buyback mechanisms enables CELA to be a deflationary BEP-20 token. The less fee imposed on transactions, the larger the liquidity pool, which better price stability and facilitates high trading volume. Besides the long-term stability, CELA has its liquidity pool added more value because of the burning token feature (not to mention that there is a 10% initial burn for CELADON COIN). The token supply will be decreased, meaning higher price and likely no large dumps in the long run.

To find more information about CELA and the upcoming token sale starting on 2/12/2022 at 5pm CST, investors can visit website celadoncoin.com


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