Crypto trading has come to stay. This much is obvious given the interest that the crypto industry and market have garnered in these last few years. With reference to the volume of investments that have gone into the market, owning crypto assets is now about as rewarding as owning many bars of gold.

Despite the extensive spectrum of opportunities to be had from crypto trading, the market is not very easy to navigate. The risks involved in participating in such a venture, therefore, are enough to overwhelm even the most enduring person.

This is why trading bots are so important. Even the most unreliable variety of bot trading ensures that you trade at lower risks, have better prospects, and make objective decisions that have nothing to do with how you feel at any point in time.

Recognizing that there are about as many bots and crypto bot trading platforms as there are cryptos, we have compiled a list of the best of them. These platforms are still very active and relevant in 2022, so you can rely on any of them to simplify your trading activities, eliminate unnecessary trading risks, automate everything, and improve your prospects of trustworthy investments and wealth creation.

1. CryptoHero

CryptoHero is a crypto bot trading platform that has AI algorithms integrated into the platform to give you an automated trading experience. The platform is designed in such a way that using it for trading grants you access to trading bots. Each of these bots is powered by AI, yes, but also managed by professionals who have traded for far longer than the blockchain revolution.

CryptoHero has a number of bot features that will certainly interest advanced crypto traders. There is the backtest function which allows you to employ historical data to validate the bot operations. CryptoHero also allows you to set up multiple rules, thus extending the capabilities of the bots and letting them handle your accounts with more freedom and efficiency.

In terms of innovativeness, CryptoHero is up there with the very best. The platform’s architecture is easily operable within the frameworks of popular exchanges, including Binance, Kucoin, FTX, and many others. This means that you can use CryptoHero bots to trade on any of these reputable exchanges without worrying about extra trading costs.

Talking about costs, CryptoHero offers a number of plans with a different number of trading bots attached to them. Without question, the more money you are willing to shell out, the better the CryptoHero bots you get to use. Nevertheless, the Basic plan is free, while the other plans start at $13.99 monthly.

2. Pionex

There is a lot of hype about Pionex, but this is for good reason. The platform is robust in terms of the number, quality, and efficiency of its trading bots. For all its premium vibe, you can always get 16 such bots for free when you use Pionex.

Pionex is one of the best crypto bot trading platforms for beginners. It is structured such that newbies to crypto trading can easily grasp the fundamentals and start deploying bots and using trading strategies to nurture their crypto trading portfolios and grow their wealth.

Several of Pionex’s bots deserve to be mentioned, but we will only touch on the Martingale Bot. This particular bot ensures that every time you trade, you are aiming for more profit. It is an aggressive strategy that attempts to double your returns and ensure that even in the event that you fail, the odds of profitability would be even higher.

With regards to pricing, Pionex typically charges 0.05% as transaction fees. However, the robust instructional library is available for use anytime whether or not you sign up for the platform.

3. BitQuant

Compared to the other crypto bot trading platforms on this list, BitQuant is newer. However, being the most recent addition to the crypto bot trading industry does not make it inferior to the others. In fact, considering that it is powered by AI and financial protection algorithms, it has an edge over the others because it took all its shortcomings into account before its launch.

BitQuant’s crypto trading bot is designed to improve your trading prospects dramatically. Outside the automation property, the bot also lets you make up to 20% profit monthly. The reason the platform is able to give this guarantee is that it employs both the capabilities of the AI and the inputs of its round-the-clock support team. Thus, whenever you need clarification on an aspect of trading, BitQuant has made provisions to help you.

Currently, although BitQuant operates on a few reputable exchanges (case in point, Huobi Global and Binance), the platform has grown popular in recent times with over 10,000 active users relying on its bot to make trading choices.

BitQuant is not expensive. Deposit amounts vary from $1,000, $to 3,000, and $5,000. The actual cost of using the platform depends on whichever deposit amount you settle on.

4. Cryptohopper

Cryptohopper is another big name in the lists online of the best crypto bot trading platforms to use in 2022. It is cloud-based and consequently has this open-source vibe to it. Nevertheless, newbies and expert crypto traders will always find that the platform is significantly ‘sturdier’ than its peers.

There are a number of notable features that accompany the Cryptohopper bot. These include backtesting (which allows you to test how efficient your bot is in relation to real historical data), Trailing Stop-Loss, DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging), and others. Each of these features is reliably useful for boosting your crypto trading experience, particularly regarding how quick you can go from newbie to professional.

You can access Cryptohopper’s many features and template strategies by using its Pioneer Free tier, Explorer tier ($16.58 per month), or the Adventurer tier ($41.58 a month).

5. Gunbot

The popularity of the Gunbot bot trading platform comes from its being around the block for 6 years now. Despite being an ‘old gal’ in this respect, Gunbot is reputed to be one of the most powerful bot trading platforms that focus on operationalizing and implementing focused strategies of crypto trading for aggressive profits.

The Gunbot platform is very flexible, so both newbies and professional crypto traders tend to have a swell time automating their trading with the platform. The grid and DCA features also distinguish Gunbot as a contemporary trading platform. This is especially the case because Gunbot focuses on trading speed and decision-making flexibility.

In terms of pricing, Gunbot does not use a recurring cost pattern. As such, you are only required to purchase its lifetime licenses: Gunbot One ($99 or Ƀ0.002), Gunbot Standard (Ƀ0.0075), Gunbot Pro (Ƀ0.0105), and Gunbot Ultimate (Ƀ0.0175). Moreover, with these licenses, you will be able to trade with more than 100 major exchanges, including Binance and Coinbase Pro.

6. Bitsgap

Like Cryptohopper, Bitsgap is also a big name among crypto bot trading platforms. It is also cloud-based, except that it offers a wider scope of trading operations with strategies available for purchase by crypto traders.

Whether you are using the Bitsgap DCA trading bots or the Futures trading bots, the platform prioritizes the application of tested strategies to help you hit the mark. Furthermore, the platform is fitted with a structure that would appeal to advanced crypto traders as there is more trader liberty with regard to trading strategies.

Bitsgap lets you borrow its bots for trading after you have paid $29 per month for the Basic plan, $69 per month for the Advanced plan, or even $149 a month for the PRO plan. Each plan is characterized by a set number of trading bots, so you get more value when you subscribe to a higher-level plan.

7. TradeSanta

TradeSanta is not inferior to the other crypto bot trading platforms on this list. The platform was modeled with trade simplicity and trader convenience in mind. As a result, the platform outperforms many others in terms of how efficient it is at automating the trading of newbies and people who have not stepped too deeply into the river of trading.

To understand the appeal of TradeSanta, it is important to note that since the platform was established in 2018, it has grown its user base to more than 125,000. This number appears to be increasing due to TradeSanta’s consistency and trustworthiness.

Trading with TradeSanta grants you assess to its terminal and trading signals. It is also well integrated with the big names of global exchanges. So, you can use the many accessible features of the platform to set up ‘trading spots’ on Binance, CoinBase, Huobi, and many more.

With regards to pricing, TradeSanta offers 3 plans: Basic, Advanced, and Maximum, and these cost $15, $27, and $35 per month, respectively. Any of these plans allows the use of a set number of trading bots, so you will not miss out on bot trading.

And that is all 7 of some of the best crypto bot trading platforms that you should consider using in 2022. Their features may be different, but they all help you save time and increase the profit-making prospects of your trading.